does your cat do this

Here on my little “farm” in the mountains, I have a full grown orange cat whose name is “Kitty”.

Kitty loves my students.  In fact, he loves my students so much that he knows precisely what time I begin teaching each day.  The reason I know this is because everyday just as my first student comes up the lane I see kitty go running down to meet them.  He always greets them and expects them to pet him or hold him for a minute before their lesson.  Since I change students every 30 – 60 minutes, he then waits at the window, watching and listening carefully to their lesson.   When the next student arrives the pattern is repeated. Does your pet do this?


He waits at the window, watching and listening carefully to their lesson…


Do you have a pet like this?

I have received fun videos from some of my online students showing me their playing and I absolutely love the surprise entrances of dog, cat, hamster, and an occasional baby brother.  How fun is that?

I’d love to hear your pet/music story.  And if you don’t have a story yet, borrow a pet and play your flute for them today.

See what happens,… we’re all curious.


Borrow a pet and play your flute for them today.  See what happens..

Share your pet story below.

Have any questions? Comment below and I will help you out.

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3 thoughts on “Does your pet do this?”

  1. I do not have a pet my self, but my neighbour has two dogs . I often plays in the garden, so, she tells me every time you play in the garden my dogs sit by the garden near the fence raising there ears and listening to you. Also , opposite to the garden there is a big field where there use to be couple of horses, every time I play , I can see them walking towards the music coming to me and stop to listen, It is really amazing how animals can react with you ! 🙂

    1. Abdu, that’s a fun thing to picture. I love seeing your videos from the garden. So nice! Now I can picture those dogs with their ears perked up as well. 🙂 ~ Rebecca

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