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The Very Beginning (Free)

The Silver Level  is a series dedicated to getting you started properly and sounding great. There is no cost to join this level. Get going in an easy, systematic and fun way.


Fundamental Level + (Premium)

The Gold Level  is dedicated to sequentially learning all of the fundamentals of playing flute, having fun. There are over 60 full learning modules in this level.


Higher level style (Premium)

The Intermediate+ Advanced Level  is for the higher level flutist.  Ornaments and embellishments, resonant tone lessons, speed, trills, and high level standard flute repertoire… There are hundreds of modules in this level.

Sharpen Your Mind

Playing the flute uses both sides of the brain and keeps your thinking nimble and quick.

Improve Your Skills

Take what you may already know and add to it.. in a motivating, fun way.

Have More Fun

Here at Learn Flute Online, the lessons are set sequentially so you always feel you are in the right place.

Make Your Kind of Music

The flute is super versatile. Learn the skills you need to play anything in your favorite genres.

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You have come to the “Learn Flute Online” flute lessons studio where you will find the best online program for learning how to play the flute.

Other Free Resources here at Learn Flute Online:

Ongoing E-mail Series dedicated to motivation and learning to play the flute well

Inspiring and informative Audio Podcast episodes about everything flute-learning.

Flute-Topic specific articles set in categories for even more flute reading and learning.

LFO YouTube Channel for your learning and flute entertainment.

LFO Facebook Page for connection and motivation.

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