Frequently Asked Questions

1. Enter your email in the opt-in box on this page and I’ll quickly send you the link.

2. Watch the video on the page you land on and then go check your email.

3. Watch for awesome emails full of great info in the future.

4. Links to free videos are given to you in the emails. You’ll love them – they will get you started.

A. Join the member’s area! There are different levels of premium lessons here. They are available to those who either purchase a monthly or annual membership. Click here for more information:

A. Yes. Although I do play several different types of flutes, the concert flute (silver-western classical/boehm-style flute) is what this site is all about. I also play piccolo as well as Irish Whistle (penny whistle), and I have a fabulous mini-course for you that opens every year in March.

A. Sure. We learn how to do it all here especially how to sound great and enjoy your instrument-learning journey. Join us in the member’s area and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you are able to improve.

A. The video lessons are protected from free-download and are very valuable. They are only available to those with a subscription via login on this website.

A. Yes. No problem. I will simply activate your new  account after it clears the bank.

Just send me a quick email ([email protected]) requesting the information you need.

*monthly membership payments are not taken via postal mail. 

A. Nope.

The Gold Level lessons (literally hundreds of learning videos, pdf sheet music, mp3 accompaniments, etc) are only available with a paid subscription.

The mini-courses are available to everyone even without a subscription. Keep in mind that they do not actually teach you how to play the flute, but are a mini-crash course on the subject/genre labeled. You can find the mini-courses here:

A. Just email me [email protected] and I’ll take care of it asap.

A. Unless specified, yes that’s me. 🙂

A. For sure. Here’s the link to the page with flute spec questions – email me if you don’t find what you’re looking for:

A. Yes. All content can be used and viewed on smart devices such as tablet / iPad / mobile phones as well as desktop and laptop computers.

A. Yup. Here’s my privacy policy. (I don’t sell your email, name, or any other private information)

A. You need access to the internet. Use any device (Desktop Computer / Laptop / Tablet / iPad / SmartPhone). You’ll receive a username and password to access the membership pages. Watch your email for more content.

A. No. You do not need any prior experience to be successful with this flute course. You can move through the program at your own pace. .. no matter what pace it is. You’ll enjoy it.

A. Absolutely Not. These lessons are for ALL who desire to further their flute skills. The lessons are set in a perfect learning sequence (modules are numbered) and open for you to move through at your own appropriate pace.

Module #1 is day 1 learning. All new-learning and returning-learners will want to start here and move through to be sure there are no skills missing. Build the foundation for easy learning by following the set sequence.

The lessons move through the beginner levels into Intermediate and through an Advanced level as well. There’s plenty here for you.

If you have played before, great! If you have not played before, great! This is the program for you.

A. I have designed this course for eager learners just like you. You will automatically receive login information after purchase. Get started within seconds.

All videos are ready for ‘play’ and all sheet music materials are right inside each module for you to click and print (or read from your screen).

Everything you need is included in this online program.

A. In order to retrieve your login information you will need to reset your password by clicking “Lost your password?”  HERE. (or message me for more help)

A. After purchase you were sent an email with your unique username and password. Use these to Login in the member’s area using the ‘Student Login’ link found at the top of this page and also HERE.

A. You will have 24/7 access to the member’s area as long as your membership is in good standing. If your membership has been canceled, expired, or payment has not been made, you will no longer have access.

If you need to re-sign up or fix something that seems in ‘error’, no worries- Just message me and I’ll help you out.

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