The Benefits to Learning How to Perform

There are so many imperative skills that can only be learned once a learning-musician starts to attempt performing. I wish everyone understood this concept. I know I didn’t when I was first learning. I thought that performing meant you had to already be professional, and never make mistakes. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Many people find performing in front of others intimidating and sometimes physically unnerving. It’s okay. There is a way to calm everything down and get to a space and place in your abilities where you can be comfortable showing off your skills and allowing others to enjoy what you have created for them.

We have the power to change another’s emotions with every passing measure.

When I first began performing (I was still quite young), I remember being able to play the piece chosen perfectly in my bedroom. I thought I was ready. Then, when it came time to play in the school program I suddenly realized maybe I wasn’t ready at all. I found out that there’s a whole new level of concentration that is required to pull-off a stunt such as performing flawless in a nice, neat package of visual and sound.

Since that first time wasn’t so great, I’m so glad that I was willing to try again. My audience seemed to be pretty forgiving, and congratulated me anyway despite several little bloopers. So, I charged on and found out that there are so, so many benefits to learning how to perform.

  • Concentration Levels Go Waaaay UP
  • Polishing a piece takes on a whole new meaning
  • The repeated “perfect practice” makes the next level a real possibility
  • Self-discipline levels shoot through the sky
  • Confidence gained is uncomparable and most valuable for life-skills

This is just a good start to the benefits to learning how to perform. I’m a flutist and have been able to bless many audiences with the different ‘spirits’ music can bring. Calmness, enthusiasm, and adventure are just some of the feelings that can wash over an audience during any one performance.

It’s cool to think that we have the power to change another’s emotions with every passing measure.

Studying musicians who never get themselves to the stage where they can share with others are missing the boat. There’s a whole new world out there. It is available on every single level! Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Professional. Join in early in the game, and you’ll find you’re so much better for it.

Have you ever performed for an audience (of any size)? What was your experience? What things did you do different in preparation?

Have any questions? Comment below and I will help you out.

Rebecca FullerRebecca Fuller
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