3 Tips to Help You Start Playing the Flute Right

Learning how to play the flute can bring you a lifetime of joy and fun. Here are the top 3 tips to help you start playing the flute right.

  • Relax your new embouchure.

Using just your head joint is the best way to accomplish this. No need to hurry onto the whole flute quite yet. Spend time learning how to relax your face while getting your ‘blow’ to work.

It’s where the joy in music can be found!

It takes time to figure out how to ‘relax’ because you’ll be so excited your face will be all tight, puckered, and smiley. Lips need to be loose in order to create a foundation we can build good tone on.

  1. Take Your Time

We’re super excited about this new hobby, but trying to perform skills before we have the basics down will only hinder… everything.. For the rest of… forever.

So, take it slow and work on getting those core skills strong and fluent. We can avoid so much frustration and confusion when we remember to only focus on one skill at a time. Once they become easy and natural, we can move on to the next skill.

One really important thing to remember about playing the flute is that there are some skills that will feel super-duper easy and some that will feel really impossible. No worries. Taking these things one-at-a-time is the secret.

  1. Repeat.

“Repetition is our best friend”

I vividly remember those first weeks of playing the flute and how clumsy and awkward I felt. The flute is so slippery! I wondered if I would ever get to where I wanted to go.

Well, the flute is kind of it’s own ‘animal’, and we have to realize that some of these movements are not the most natural-feeling (yet). After repeating a movement over and over and over and over and over (hundreds of times, actually) these things start to feel normal. It’s true!

Just like an athlete has to condition their muscles and stay on a training schedule, you’ll learn to get (and keep) yourself on a practice schedule where repeating the ‘old stuff’ will feel easy and make you happy. It’s where the joy in music can be found!

What other tips can you think of for a beginning flutist?

Have any questions? Comment below and I will help you out.

Rebecca FullerRebecca Fuller



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  • Leeann

    Reply Reply March 21, 2018

    I was registered but every time I try to put my info in it comes up with an error or says I am not registered.
    I wanted to know if there are any one on one sessions. Thanks
    I seem stuck and am doing something wrong clearly.
    I also can’t seem to get high notes. Ok in mid registers. I am a beginner. Not absolute but quite close.
    I did your first five lessons and they helped me start now I need to move on
    I bought some books and try to plod through but am plodding. Progress is slow
    I am an older adult not much musical background. One year of piano in my 20’s
    Lee Ann

    • RebeccaFuller

      Reply Reply March 21, 2018

      Hi Leeann, glad you’re back. Yes, I can definitely help you. The Silver level no longer requires a login- send me an email (rebecca@learnfluteonline.com) and I’ll send the link back to you today. You’ll want to join the Gold Level (includes the silver level as well). You’ll find the info you are needing to help you with those high notes. It’ll be easy. See you soon! ~Rebecca

  • Patricia Witucky

    Reply Reply August 9, 2018

    Hi Rebecca,
    I play in two community concert bands so I practice 2 hours (or more) a day. It seems that my embouchure is shot the 2nd day and my tone come out fuzzy. Help!

    • RebeccaFuller

      Reply Reply August 9, 2018

      Hi Patricia, it sounds like you’re having so much fun playing the flute and socializing in community bands also. Neat! Yes, your chops are shot. haha, that’s the lingo. Take your practice sessions in smaller pieces. (try 3 40 min sessions instead) You’ll find more consistency with time doing this, and can have 2 hour practice sessions once-in-a-while also. Thanks for posting! ~Rebecca

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