Giving Yourself a New Voice

Giving Yourself a New Voice

Learning to play the flute means giving yourself a new voice.  Although you already speak with your vocal chords, this will be a new means of expressing yourself. “You are going to love it.” I had a student for a few years who had been told he would never speak (or walk for that matter).  His mother was devastated and brought him to me to find out if I thought there was a possibility of …

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How to Know Which Size of Flute You Should Use

How to Know Which Size of Flute You Should Use

How to Know Which Size of Flute You Should Use Please watch the video below and read the article included.  Good luck! I recently had a nice dad email me over the choice of flutes for his young daughter.  They are going to be learning online from me.  We were lucky enough to be able to meet since they were in my area on vacation. This young girl is 8 years old very petite.  Learning …

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What Instruments Should Accompany the Flute-

What Instruments Should Accompany the Flute?

What instruments should accompany the flute? There are so many instruments that sound great with the flute. My favorites are the guitar, piano, harpsicord, harp, organ, and many percussion instruments. I have even played an entire polka accompanied solely by a tuba! All of those instruments lend themselves well to the rhythm section. And depending on the piece, many more instruments back up a flutist as well. I especially like when a flutist can play …

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Smiling While Playing Flute

Careful About That Smile

I have seen a boat load of lip shapes in my days. And, I haven’t found any yet I can’t teach to play that flute. Some students start to do funny things with their lips once they begin playing the flute. They will stretch them to one side or the other – or sometimes both hoping to get a better sound. This makes the student have dimples all over and appear as if they are …

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A Piggy Flute Performance

A Piggy Flute Performance

This could possibly be one of my all-time favorite flute performances.  I may have posted this before.  I like it so much that I don’t really care.  It’s good.  If you haven’t seen it, this is your lucky day!  (or unlucky day, if you don’t care for the pig) It is definitely a piggy flute performance. I grew up with Sesame Street.  It is a children’s television show based in New York City which addresses …

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Have Fingernails Me Too

Have Fingernails? Me Too!

I always feel bad for the piano students who have their teacher come at them with the fingernail clippers nipping them to the buds.  Yikes.  We don’t need to get that radical as flute players. Everyone of us have fingernails. Because we play the flute with the “pads” of our fingers, we are just fine having some nail.  The only time I have ever had an issue is when my pinky nail on my right …

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How to Sit for Flutists

How to “Sit” for Flutists

The title of this article is kind of funny, I know.  But, I’m so surprised to see how many don’t know how to achieve a good feeling back and body while sitting and playing the flute.  This article will describe how to do it easily.  There are more descriptions, videos, and pictures within LearnFluteOnline.  Don’t worry. Sitting for flutists…I remember always asking my stand partner (in band/orchestra) if I could please sit on the right …

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Sit or Stand for flutists

Sit or Stand? for flutists

  Ah, the age-old question.  Should I sit or stand when I practice my flute? The flute only weighs about .97 lbs. My #1 answer: Stand.  (Sitting instructions will be given in a different article) If your back or neck or arms are getting crampy or tired when you stand you need to know that you may be holding your flute in a not-so-great way. Unlike most of the cartoon drawings you see, your flute …

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Flute in Church

Flute in Church

The older I get the more thankful I am that I chose the flute as an instrument I wanted to excel at.  It is the most perfect instrument for worship services. I have been able to use my talent literally hundreds (maybe pushing thousands) of times! I feel a responsibility to help bring the spirit into the meetings and feel honored to be able to be a part of it. I am very careful when …

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