Virtual Flute Choir

Join Our Virtual Flute Choir – Fun!

Many of these players thought it wouldn’t be possible to play in a beautiful flute choir just weeks after starting to learn to play the flute… but they did! And you can too. The learning process here at Learn Flute Online will guide you through the skills it takes to thoroughly enjoy the instrument flute. Having courage to begin the journey is the first step. Leave the rest up to the step-by-step process of the …

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Flute tarnish

3 Ways to Beat Flute Tarnish

Learning how to get rid of flute tarnish is more important than you might think. It’s like buying a new car; only to find that the interior is stained, and the trunk is full of garbage. Recently, I took a walkabout Europe where I had the pleasure of meeting and staying with a nice family in Holland. They were big music enthusiasts, and had instruments of all types in their home. I noticed they had …

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Stuck Flute Footjoint

Stuck Footjoint!

I have been teaching for more than 22 years (at the time of writing this article), and I have encountered this same problem of a stuck footjoint only twice.  And, both times happened within the last 6 months to two of my students. But when a stuck footjoint happens, it’s usually really scary and not much fun. I’ll explain: When the flute is properly put together the joints are to be “twisted” into place. Make …

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Breathing Secrets for Flutists

Breathing Secrets for Flutists

Most flutists are constantly working on sound production and tone as they continue their music education.  There are some breathing secrets for flutists you can learn and enjoy.  Remembering that this instrument can only play as well as it is played helps us to strive consistently.  Breathing and support of that breath is the biggest foundation a player has for producing beautiful tone. These breathing secrets for flutists will help. There’s a definite process a …

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New Year New Decade New Flute YOU

New Year New Decade New Flute YOU

New Year New Decade New Flute YOU. Don’t you think it’s time? It’s January 2020 and it’s about time we pulled off the sheets of the new ‘you’ that’s been laying dormant for awhile. Let’s get our declarations on so you can have the most productive and meaningful year EVER with your instrument… and your life. In today’s episode you’ll learn: How to make the decision to keep-on-keepin on 2019 is in the past.. leave …

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How to Know the Condition of My Flute

How To Know The Condition of Your Flute

I teach a lot of flute lessons, and I have seen many flutes in my days. The truth is that the condition of your flute matters. I know that when a flute is in proper condition it plays beautifully.  And, I know first-hand that the opposite (improper condition) means that your flute will hamper your ability to play well or at all. …when a flute is in proper condition it plays beautifully   Here are …

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how to hold the flute

How to Hold the Flute

How to hold the flute is a very common question many flute players have. In fact, it isn’t even a question just for beginners because the farther you move up in level, the more you notice that exactly ‘how you hold the flute’ is extremely important. I made a special video tutorial just for people who have this question (hosted on this page). The flute seems so slippery.. especially when you are playing C to …

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Musicians have an Advantage at language learning

The Musician Advantage at Learning Languages

The ease of language learning for musicians in a real thing. I started my children into music at very young ages.  (2-4 yrs old!) I knew many benefits of this type of early education like self-discipline, reading ability, attention span, desire to achieve, etc. What I didn’t foresee is the advantages of musicianship and music study later on in their life. Especially the musician advantage in learning languages!  Our eyes have been opened! We kept …

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music mastery, aging

7 Ways to Find Joy in Musical Mastery While in Adulthood

  I used to think that musical mastery meant wearing black clothing and hunching over a music stand stacked with complicated looking sheets. But, as I mature, I’m realizing that this is not it at all.   “Music,” as musician Robert Fripp once said, “is the wine that fills the cup of silence.” I remember hearing that quote as a child and having not the foggiest idea what it could mean. As I became older …

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How to Clean a Flute

How to Clean a Flute

Flutes are unlike other instruments. Most of them are silver plated and require a level of care you may not have considered before. Let’s explore the inside and out of how to clean a flute. The Inside The inside of your flute starts out dry and cold, but then once you begin blowing your warm breath into the head joint and barrel, a phenomenon I like to call “rain” happens. Cold metal mixed with warm …

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