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how to hold the flute

How to Hold the Flute

How to hold the flute is a very common question many flute players have. In fact, it isn’t even a question just for beginners because the farther you move up in level, the more you notice that exactly ‘how you hold the flute’ is extremely important. I made a special video tutorial just for people who have this question (hosted on this page). The flute seems so slippery.. especially when you are playing C to …

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Student Flutes vs Intermediate Flutes

“Do I need an Intermediate Flute?”  I receive this email a lot from students who are feeling like they have moved “officially” into the Intermediate Level. Let’s explore student flutes vs intermediate flutes today. Here is the information you are looking for: Honestly, I have many, many students who move from novice all the way through the beginner level and well into the Intermediate level before they have a new “intermediate” flute.  And, they play …

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What You May Have Missed As a Beginner Flute Player

As a flute teacher, I get to see all walks of life as well as all styles of playing the flute if you’ve been taught before (band, self taught, beginner, etc.) This article will briefly say some of the myths or misconceptions about playing the flute and what to do to correct them. You’ll catch even another glimpse into how we’re going to take your flute playing to a whole new level.   [headline style=”2″ font_size=”18″ …

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