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Secrets to Not Feeling so Winded on Flute

When a flutist is just learning how to play the flute, breathing can be one of the most difficult things to get the hang of. Once you find your perfect ‘spot’ and can begin making a noise out of your flute, the next step is to find out how to hold the notes. In this article I want to teach some secrets to not feeling so winded on flute.

Take a minute and do a little activity for me. Get your flute out and take inventory of your skills. Take a big breath and play a low B. How long can you hold it without taking another breath?

Extra air = Extra fuzz

3 seconds? 10 seconds? Now try it again and listen to your tone and sound as you play. Does it sound fuzzy and blurred or are you able to sound clear and resonant? If your tone is light and airy with fuzz, this article is for you!

I want to share a few secrets that will help you learn to conserve your air and be able to hold your notes for a longer period of time.

The number one thing I help students with is making sure their aperture (or hole that you make with the front of your lips to let the air through) is the right size so they aren’t letting any extra air out.

Extra air = Extra fuzz

Again, take a moment to assess yourself and see what your aperture looks like. Look in the mirror as you play your low B. Is your hole tall and oblong? If it is, try and close the hole by making it more round and small. Think of the size of a pinhead. Pretty small.

The next thing you need to do is practice your breathing technique. This is so so so important! Focus on filling your lungs up all the way with air when you take a breath to begin playing.

Did you know that the average person only uses 30% of their full lung capacity when they are breathing? Using your full lung capacity (or at least close to it) will absolutely transform your tone and playing ability.

I could talk about breathing and tone all day, but these two strategies will help you get started. I have a couple more articles on this topic- so I would encourage you to take minute and browse these as well.

Good luck in your fluting today and don’t forget I’m your biggest cheerleader!

Have any questions? Comment below and I will help you out.

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