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LFP 061 | 9 Steps to Becoming the Flutist You Want to Be

Learn Flute Podcast SHOW NOTES:

In this episode, you will learn three of the 9 steps to becoming the flutist you want to be.

This is the Learn Flute Podcast Episode 061.


You’ll learn:

What this podcast will be all about

  • Information on this podcast is supplemental to LearnFluteOnline.com
  • Why mindfulness is important
  • What makes a good teacher
  • 3 steps to help you improve
  • What you can look forward to learning from listening

Learn Flute Podcast 061

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Hello and welcome to the Learn Flute Podcast. I’m Rebecca Fuller, the expert and instructor of the Learn Flute Online dot com memberships and online flute-learning programs. And on today’s podcast we’ll be starting a series of three episodes which will take us through nine different extremely helpful – that’s 9 steps to becoming the flutist YOU want to be. Stick around- this is gonna be good.

Hi, and again welcome welcome to this episode where we get to go through some more mind set stuff to really help you become the musician you want to be. You know, it’s one thing to own a flute and some sheet music, and it’s a completely another thing to actually understand and have the knowledge, education, and motivation to use it all properly so that you can become the best version of yourself you can be.

I always say that I really enjoy talking mind-set because it’s kind of the ‘other side’ of learning that I feel like a lot of teachers forget to talk about. For example, I had a few teachers in my day, and I’ll never forget how one of them would sit on a chair in the corner and listen to me play the whole lesson long – she never actually did any instructing. She’d either say good or bad and then I’d play the next one.

Yah-… that really happened to me. Once I had the privilege of studying with a quote real teacher, my eyes were opened to a whole new world of possibilities- and my mind-set changed completely. I wanted to be just as motivating to others as the greatest of instructors were to me. So, take advantage of this – I’m doing it all for you!

So today we’re going to start with the first three of my little list of steps to becoming the flutist you want to be, and I’ll start by letting you know that these aren’t in any particular order – no trait or skill is necessarily more important than any of the others. So with that – let’s get started!

Number one is to focus on steadily improving. I think that a lot of people nowadays are looking for a fast fix or a magic pill in order to get to the successful stage in light speed time. Well, in the music world- especially for those learning how to play an instrument, it just doesn’t happen by itself. The knowledge doesn’t just jump into your body overnight. Haha I have told several of my students that perhaps they could put their sheet music under their pillow at night and then they’d wake up in the morning having learned it all through osmosis. I WISH!

Haha the only way to get your body to become fluent in the movements, tone and technique skills is to take what is presented- in the proper order to learn in, and to really do it… do it yourself all the time, each day. Luck for you that you have a perfect plan all set up for you- Now, as you listen to this podcast, you can evaluate where you are and where you’d like to be, and then you can make sure you get yourself into the membership are of the lessons at Learn Flute online dot com and FOCUS on steadily improving. You can do it!

I know you can because I’ve done it, and I’ve set up the steps for you- and it works- I have many, many others who have followed, listened, and worked towards it .. and achieved the success they were looking for. So, with that- let’s remember that number one for this episode of the nine steps to becoming the flutist you want to be is to really keep front and center that you just need to strive for steady improvement.

And, now let’s move on to number two! Which is to remember your why more often. Why did you start playing the flute initially? Why did you pick the flute in particular? There are many other instruments out there – why the flute?

If you’ve been a regular listener of these podcasts you’ll maybe remember back in oh, episode number forty two I think that we talked about what your inspiration was  when you began your desire to pick up the flute and learn to play well. So, this step is very similar to that. The coolest part of learning how to play well, is when you get to the stage where you realize you are on your way! It could be that first time you feel a complete connection to a certain piece, or you actually stop to listen to yourself one day and realize that you sound pretty good and that it ‘feels’ good also.

That’s a cool moment because it obviously has been your goal list from the very beginning. I honestly don’t think anyone gets all set up to learn to play an instrument with the goal of never actually sounding good or knowing how to play the music they intend to. It’s just not how we work. We always intend on having the results we want. So, good thing for you that I have the exact steps you need to go through to get there. You’ll find them in the membership area of the particular level you’re working through – and, you can ask me all sort of questions there.

So, just to recap today so far, number one was to focus on steadily improving, and number two is to remember your ‘why’ so you can stay motivated and keep that front and center.

Okay- moving on to the last one for today, and that’s number three – which is always find joy in the learning process. For those of you who are ahem, a little bit impatient, I completely understand! What’s going to be the focus of the next minute or two of this episode is that we all always need to remember that the journey IS part of the success.

Yup- if we get stuck thinking that we have to get to a certain stage or be able to play a certain piece on our flute, we’ll not actually ever reach potential- at all- because I’ve learned this over my years of playing and teaching… we never actually reach it.

Music is a never ending loop of awesomeness. Progress never ends. And, I’m one hundred percent positive that if you found the oldest professional in the world right now and asked him or her if they ever felt like they were done learning, growing, or perfecting their skill – I’m positive that they would say no. There’s always something to try and do better. So, it’s time we all just unbunch our pants and relax so that we can really enjoy the journey.

It’s so much fun to watch ourselves progress and learn. Remember your first day on the flute?? Boy, I do for sure. And, I have come a loooong way since then. Haven’t you? The line of progression just keeps moving on, and once we start to get a little kick out of the learning journey, we’re well on our way to having a good time with this instrument.

Well, that does it for today’s episode. We’ll explore more of these steps in the next one. But, let’s just quickly re-state each one so that in case you want to take notes on a perfect little yellow sticky note and place it on your kitchen cupboards, haha you can do that and start to remember that it’s a lot about the mind set as well.

So number one was to focus on steadily improving, number two was to remember your why, and number three was to learn to get a kick out of the learning journey. Enjoy this – it’s cool!

Have a beautiful week- I’ll see you in a lesson soon, and we’ll catch up in the next episode later.

Bye now!


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  1. what are the basic steps is another question i saw that rebecca fuller is a great flutist i have never heard play but according to the info she is a very good player

  2. Thanks again Rebecca. Being an old timer and playing flute since 1972 I still enjoy your PODCAST’s , I will stay in tune.

    1. Hey Rob, thanks so much for this comment. I’m so glad you’re listening and participating also. Comment as often as you’d like. ~Rebecca

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