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LFP 010 | How to Step Up Your Musical Ability

Learn Flute Podcast SHOW NOTES:

In this episode, you will learn some tricks on how to step up your musical ability.

This is the Learn Flute Podcast Episode 010.

Everyone wants to be a better musician!

You’ll learn:

What this podcast will be all about

  • Information on this podcast is supplemental to LearnFluteOnline.com
  • How to hurdle yourself into the next level of musicianship
  • Why practicing the flute every day is so important
  • The proper techniques you need to be good
  • Where to find more information on learning to play the flute


Learn Flute Podcast 010

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Welcome today for this Learn Flute Podcast episode 10!!

Well hello, hello I’m Rebecca Fuller the expert at Learn Flute Online dot com where I show you lesson after lesson on how to play the flute, and become really, really good at it!

Now, there is a time in every musician’s life when they feel like they’ve been giving it their all and they just really want to figure out how to be even better. It happens to everyone, and today I’ll be helping you get to that next level.

It seems that flute players especially have an extra bone or a sixth sense or something that makes them always striving to be better.  We just can’t seem to help it.

Now this is good because flutists tend to excel in many different subject for their whole life long. Can you see that? In fact, did you know that more music majors are accepted to medical school than any other major? Kind of interesting…

It takes precision and dedication to get to a high level, but there’s also so much satisfaction and enjoyment about learning this instrument that I can totally understand why we like it so much.

Now, I’d like to reach out through podcast land right now and get the sense that you, who are listening, are probably a new musician, .. or you have been playing for a while and just want to figure out how to get even better, right?

Well, let’s learn some tricks for getting that even better musician out of its shell with these three hints that will help you hurdle yourself over into the next level of musicianship:

First of all, we talked about this in a little more detail in the last episode – that would have been episode nine. So, if you missed it, you should either go back in your podcast app, or onto my website to take a listen. I think you’ll get some really valuable information you can use. Here’s the number one help you can give yourself; and that is to really make it a goal to find a regular time to practice your flute every single day.

I cannot stress this enough. I’ve been through like nearly thirty years of helping people play the flute, and I know it’s one hundred percent true that those who have excelled the most have been those who actually make and stick to a regular practice schedule.

Think of it this way; if a person wants to get in shape or even become an athlete of one type or another, they can’t just ‘wish’ it to happen, right? Not at all. There is a fair amount of gumption that happens to get that person to the gym or to the practice field where a schedule is set and a coach helps this person along their journey.

I’m here to tell you that Learning to play the flute on a higher level is no different than this wanna-be-athlete.

I’ve been a runner for many years, and I know for certain that it takes putting my shoes on and actually walking out the door to get my workout in. Once I start, I’m always glad I went.

Pulling my shiny flute out and running through my tone studies and scales is a lot like lacing up my shoes and getting down the driveway.. after that it’s a piece of cake.

I also know that over the years I’ve had to get creative with my schedule. I have utilized pretty much all of the neighbor kids as baby sitters, and I always turn off my phone when I’m ready to practice. If I don’t do these things, it seems that about 3 minutes into a session I’m interrupted and the air has let out of my tire.

Now, let’s move onto number two in this episode where we’re going to talk about practicing smarter instead of harder.

There are so many people who contact me and say things like “If I practice for six hours a day, will I be able to join the London Symphony next fall?”

Ummm, well perhaps, but probably not. Most people think that learning to play an instrument like the flute is more to do with learning longer and faster songs than anything, so they assume that spending more and more time on these five page pieces will get there where they want to go… sorry, but it’s just not so.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Learning the proper techniques and practicing them at the appropriate time for your learning ability is the most important thing you can ever do for your ability.

Now, if you find yourself stuck on a certain level then you are a prime candidate for some expert help. I’d love to be that expert for you – just get yourself over to Learn Flute online dot com and come into the membership area where you’ll find that I show you all of these skills I’m talking about – I feel it’ll basically catapult your level upwards from where you are now.

The very last idea I”ll give you today is that once you find yourself playing solidly on a certain level you can find a TON of enjoyment in your playing by tooding around with pieces way below your level. That’s where you can relax and show off a little to your friends, family, or neighbors… Your pets will be impressed also because you’ll be fluting out with confidence and ease. 

Don’t get caught up in trying to set up complicated peformances for a long time. It’s best to stay in a non-competitive environment for a long, long time. And, I guess I should mention here that playing for your pets is one of the best ways to start your performance career.

Of course, there are many, many other ways to take your playing to a new level – but we need to start somewhere, and just the fact that you showed up today for this recording lets me and you know that you are on the right track.

I’m excited for your enthusiasm for this instrument flute, and I also can’t wait to see you at your next lesson on the learn flute online website where I, Rebecca Fuller will show you even more.

And as always please leave your comments, questions, and thoughts over on the show notes page at learnfluteonline.com/episode010 – because this is episode 10, it’ll be under forward slash zero one zero.

See you on the next episode, Take care now.



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