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Facts and Myths About Dynamics on Flute

The word ‘dynamics’ refers to the varying levels of actual volume of sound. Dynamics are used to create emotion in music, so as you can imagine they’re quite important! Let’s discover and debunk some facts and myths about dynamics on flute.

There are different dynamic levels from very loud to very soft. In musical terms these are noted like this (from loud of soft): Fortissimo, Forte, Mezzo, Piano, Pianissimo. There are varying degrees, but you get the gist of it.

Dynamics are used to create emotion in music.

One common myth a flute-learner may believe is that their ‘effort’ is equalling what everyone is hearing. Not true at all. You can think about it all you want, but without the skills to have it actually be audible, those dynamics are just a dream.

And, you can know that just because someone is playing very quietly doesn’t mean that they are attempting pianissimo. In fact, some people just haven’t learned the proper basics of sound and solid tone production, and they tend to have a small, skinny tone all the time- no matter what volume they are attempting to play at. *No worries, I’ll show you how to fix this in the video lessons here at LearnFluteOnline.

Proper dynamics are felt and learned both. A professional visual artist uses both advanced technique and emotions combined with divine inspiration to create a masterpiece. The musician does the same, but in stead of using paint brushes or a chisel we use tone, timbre, texture, articulation, and the most common is audible dynamics.

Think of a professional speaker, to create excitement and a rush of emotions in a speech he/she might get louder as they talk faster, and then suddenly dip into a whisper to create a tender moment. This is all part of art. And musicians become masters at helping convey a feeling they want the listeners to enjoy. The dynamics are super important!

Where to place appropriate dynamics? I’m excited to teach you!

Stay tuned because we’ll be learning a lot more about this the more advanced you become in your flute lessons.

I have specific video lessons and courses all centered around this exact skill where I take a super in depth look at the facts and myths about dynamics on flute- as well as the precise abilities you will want and need.

Ask me now- all of your questions centered around “dynamics for flute”. It’ll be a fun conversation!

Have any questions? Comment below and I will help you out.

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