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A Guide for Playing Music From the Heart

There are people who play musical instruments, and then there are ‘musicians’. They aren’t the same, and your heart knows the difference even if your ears aren’t quite sure. Today I’d like to start a conversation intended on being a part of a guide for playing music from the heart. You, too can become a real musician.

When I was much younger I remember feeling a bit of jealousy that my older brother had adventures with his instrument (trumpet). He loved to come home from lessons and practice, shine his instrument and talk excitedly about what he had heard and learned that day. I would sit literally mesmerized at the sparkling brass, and I soaked in every little piece of passion he exuded. To me, this is being a musician in practice.

You can become a real musician!

My brother had the emotional mindset needed to become great. There are two parts to real music. There’s the technical side and the emotional side. Once a musician learns the technical side, getting it from the head to heart is all that’s left to manage.

Sounds easy? Some people find it easier than others. There are all types of people on this beautiful planet. And, if there’s anything I’ve learned it’s that we are all born with different ‘gifts’ inside us. Science could never pinpoint what this is and how we interpret it all. Some people say it’s genetics, but we all know better than that. There’s a spiritual side to all of us, and when we learn to get in-tune with it- magic happens.

Have you ever listened to a song that just seemed to cut right to your core? I have. This is what inspired me to continue with my music education. I feel it. Deeply.

Music and art tries desperately in every attempt to find a point of dramatics that will pierce into our souls. That’s why pop radio centers around the most popular subjects of lost and found love. Love is probably the most emotional, real feeling in the world.

This article is just a start of course. There is a process that could be considered a guide for playing music from the heart, and there’s no way it can be taught in just a day. So, carry on folks!

Let’s continue learning and growing together. Flute lessons and playing the flute is such a wonderful way to find self-expression. Have any thoughts today on this subject? Leave them below in the comment section.

Have any questions? Comment below and I will help you out.

Rebecca FullerRebecca Fuller
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3 thoughts on “A Guide For Playing Music From the Heart”

  1. I do enjoy these articles. This one has significant meaning to me. And I learned something very important while reading it.
    I know a little about playing from the heart. Flute is a second musical instrument to me. I am a beginner. My tone is lacking.. my technique? Let’s just say I developed a lot of bad habits, prior to finding Rebecca and this wonderful site. That said, I have still spent a lifetime involved in music. I know the indescribable joy of moments where I have held an audience in the palm of my hand.. and took them places, with the music I was able to make on my trumpet.
    I lost that ability, due to some serious medical issues that came up. Sometimes, life is like that.. we all tend to take many things for granted.. until something happens, and they are gone.
    So, now, I am a beginner, again. 🙂 There’s a delight to that.. in a “beginner’s mind” all things are possible.. and the years ahead promise great things for me, and my dear flute!
    Why the long comment? Because there is something very important to remember about playing from the heart.. yes. It does take a while for technique to catch up. It makes me absolutely insane at times! LOL But, one does not have to wait…. playing from the heart, begins the moment we all put the flute to our lips! Today. EVERY day!
    Whether it’s “Mary Had a Little Lamb”.. or a scale.. or some fabulous, intricate show piece.. what one has to remember is, no one will ever play it exactly the way any of us do, ever again.. so, why not put our whole heart and souls into it?? Isn’t that why we’re all here?
    I’ll tell you a funny story.. I subscribe to the “Hymn of the Month” club. It’s GREAT! We get the music.. and play-alongs.. and videos… when I practice the hymns, part of me hopes the Good Lord is just a little tone deaf! LOL I do not sound even close to the beautiful performance of Rebecca. But… they still come from the heart.. and I play them as best I can.. and it’s still very spiritual to me… and I’ll betcha the Lord likes them just fine…….. and that, my friends, is what “playing from the heart” is to me.
    Wheeew…. I talk waaaayyyy too much! LOL

    1. Very eloquent Jim. It seems you have a perfect idea of what music is for you. It’s awesome. You are music’s best friend. Keep it up. ~Rebecca

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