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How to Take Care of My Flute

So, you’re brand new to playing in the flute (yay!) and you need to know how to take proper care of this beautiful new instrument that you’ve acquired. So here are a few important tips for taking care of your flute.

The first important tip to know for taking care of your flute, is the proper handling of your flute. You want to make sure that you are always very gentle with your flute.


Assembling Your Flute


When assembling your flute make sure to twist the separate parts together. This ensures that the metal won’t expand over time. The separate pieces of your flute need to fit tight together, when you push instead of twist it stretches the metal making the flute expand. So remember to always twist.


Special Care of Your Flute



Handling Tips


  • Take special care not to bend, dent, or scratch your flute, most importantly the embouchure (the head piece where you put your mouth).
  • Avoid leaving your flute in a hot or cold car (extreme temps)
  • Don’t leave your flute unattended in public (too tempting).


Keep Your Flute Clean


Always after playing your flute make sure to swab the inside of all moisture (ew). This helps keep a clean appearance as well as preventing tarnish to develop on your flute.

Polish the outside of your flute as well with a microfiber cloth to remove the oils from your hands which could also cause your flute to tarnish, making sure to not to try cleaning in between to keys.


Storing Your Flute


Lastly once you have properly cleaned your flute, place it gently in a cushioned case with the keys facing up. If you wish, you can add anti-tarnish strips to the inside of the case to help keep your flute shiny and clean (bling-bling).

Taking good care of your flute is very important. When your flute has been taken care of and properly cleaned it will sound better as you play it. We all love to sound great! So remember to use these important tips for taking care of your flute so it gets the T.L.C. (tender-loving-care) that it deserves.

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See ya next time!

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