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Getting Over Stage Fright

Performing is part of life as a musician. And it’s totally natural to feel slightly apprehensive about performing in front of others at the beginning of your musical career. Performing in front of an audience is just as much an art, as is being able to play the instrument itself. So we are going to discuss a few practicing ideas and techniques to help us conquer our stage fright!

Preparation is key.

  • Prepare
    • Preparation is key. We need to prepare ourselves to succeed. Just as the saying goes to “make your own luck” it’s possible to set yourself up so success through your preparation. Prepare for success always. You know what they say about those who fail to prepare… (let’s not finish this sentence- just make sure you always prepare)

    Know your piece inside and out

    • Prepare yourself by knowing your piece inside and out, this way your muscles memory can take over and play your song without having to give it to much thought (practice, practice, practice). Having confidence and being familiar with your music is the first step to feeling comfortable in front of an audience. Repeat Repeat Repeat.  Repetition is a real key to success. And remember that it usually comes as exactly as it was practiced… (very rarely any better)

    Mock Performances are important

    • Prepare yourself as well by having mock recitals so you can become familiar with the routine of a performance, knowing what to do and what it might feel like during the real performance. Slowly you can build the size of your audience as well. Start maybe by inviting a few close friends and family members to a casual event to listen to you play the flute. These people are there to encourage and support you in your efforts to learn to play the flute.

    As with all things, it will take time to feel comfortable performing in front of other people and get good at. And isn’t that wonderful! As we put forth a continuous effort we can overcome our fear of stage fright!

    Remember that you are doing a good thing (you got this!). Don’t worry so much about what others might think. You have learned to play the flute in order to enjoy and create beautiful music. Being able to share with others is simply an added bonus. So when performing, believe in your preparation, believe in yourself and go for it!

Have any questions? Comment below and I will help you out.

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