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LFP 064 | Can Music Really Heal?

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In this episode, you will learn the answer to the question “can music really heal?”.

This is the Learn Flute Podcast Episode 064.


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  • Positive effects that music can have on your mind and spirit
  • A person example of how music can influence your life
  • The powers of Music Therapy
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Learn Flute Podcast 064

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Welcome to the Learn Flute Podcast, this is episode number sixty four and I’m Rebecca Fuller your host and expert of all things flute related especially in the arena of learning how to play the flute, and all of the ins-and-outs it takes to be successful.  There’s a lot to do, and a lot to learn so let’s get started! Can music really heal?

Hi again, welcome back- I’m Rebecca Fuller your online flute teacher and instructor of the instrument flute. It’s the concert flute, or some people call it the classical flute even though we play much more than just classical style music on it. It’s a chromatic instrument even though it’s considered a C instrument. And, if all that kind of confuses you- no worries. Stick with me, and I’ll help you understand all of it to the point where it’s easy and normal vocabulary.

One of my talents is to nurture talent in others. Yup! What a fun job, don’t you think? I love it. And, I love that you’re here today ready to learn even more about playing the flute.

Today we’re going to have a discussion that will explore the idea that music has some sort of powers . Can music really heal?

I have some really great views and opinions on this subject, and I’m wondering if you do also? It’s pretty much a fact that music influences, and I think we’d all agree that the lyrics especially of a song can make us feel and conjure up emotions that were under our surface already.

Music also influences ideas – or is it just the lyrics that give us notions and ideas? I am a child of the seventies (yes, I know I know). Perhaps if you’ll old enough you’ll remember this: Do you remember the old style Sesame Street Show? Well, I loved it and I am definitely a Sesame Street Kid. There was one segment on the show that particularly stuck with me that I”ll use as an example right now, and that’s the Willie Wimple song. It’s a cartoon song set to a familiar tune I think it’s called the Flora Song. It’s one of those tunes like Arkansas Traveler that you can just hum along to without even knowing it beforehand.

In this song there’s a man, and it’s a little cartoon showing, this man routinely litters paper and pop bottles as he travels through the land. He also leaks oil into streams and chops down trees whenever he feels like it. Then the song sings, “If every kid did it can’t you see what an icky mess this would be. No room for a marching band, no place for people to stand..” and it goes on and on.

Well, I always remembered this because it was devastating to me. Whenever I would have an orange peel, a banana peel, or a wrapper in my hands I would always remember that song and I would never ever litter. Because “if every kid did it can’t you see what an icky mess this would be.” Well I remember this and I sing it to my kids all the time when I see a random piece of trash lying around. Haha, my point here is that this simple tune and meaningful lyrics are a powerful demonstration that one person does matter and has the power to hurt or harm. So I took that internally and used it all the time in my life that I could do good, I could do harm, it’s also up to me. “If every kid did it can’t you see what an icky mess this would be” or what an awesome place this could be- that’s what I like to change it to.

I personally got the message loud and clear, even as a young child, and have carried that message with me through all of my years- and I also have tried to convey that message to my own children as well.

This is just one quick example of the power of music and also the power of lyrics (they go hand in hand at many times), but there are countless other ways that music can be used to enhance or even to harm us.

Think back onto the last time you were in a funky mood and maybe didn’t feel so great.. Is it possible that your favorite uplifting song came on the radio and immediately changed your attitude? It happens! All the time. Just the same as if you’re waltzing through the mall and duck into a department store only to be bombarded with loud, chaotic and angry sounding music. I still don’t understand how that is supposed to help put someone in the buying mood. But, certain stores do it all the time. It’s actually part of their store mantra, and they have certain tracks and volume levels that are mandatory instructed from the corporate offices. So, apparently it does something for someone- it’s just not my thing, so I’ll usually quickly leave if I feel those ‘angry music darts’ aiming at me. Because I feel it, and I know you probably do too.

One more little light I’d like to turn on today for you with this subject is my good colleague in the music business Michael Ballam here in Northern Utah. He’s quite an advocate for the arts, and in fact has assumed his title of ‘musical missionary’ which is kind of cool. He has definitely taken this title and run as far as he can with it since he has sung and lectured all over the world as well as owns and runs his own opera company. It’s quite impressive to say the least.

Well, I have had the opportunity to attend a few of his lectures, and I’ll admit right now that I never leave with a dry eye. In fact, I’m kind of a mess within just a few minutes of listening to what he has to say. Music and the arts, and the importance of what it can do (and how it can touch) us humans and our spirits within us is just unrivaled in my opinion.

Michael has a specific lecture he gives on the power of music and healing and gives the most amazing examples.

He has used music to open the minds of alzheimer’s patients and those with severe dementia. It’s incredible how one person who cannot even remember their own name and their family’s names can have a long-forgotten instrument placed into their hands… and slowly, or sometimes suddenly start playing or singing along. Then, their brain seems to stimulate and forgotten details of life are suddenly brought to the surface and things seem well again for a time. It really is quite fascinating.

If you have the opportunity or the inkling and time to ever study this, you can find many resources online under the music therapy field. It’s real. And this might be something that really resonates with you as something you want to know more about.

And, I am a testament to it myself through many different life and teaching experiences.

Well, I hope that you were able to get a little spark today in your mind from listening to me bring a new musical subject to light. There are so many avenues we can explore together. So many different pieces and parts of life and music that will enhance and bring joy to you and your family. I thank you for being here today, and as usual I’d love to hear from you. Let me know of any of your experiences with music in a hopefully positive way because it’s fun and interesting to share and collaborate with you all.

So, so answer the question Can Music Really Heal? The answer is a resounding, Yes!
I hope you’ve had a chance to get inside the member’s area in one of the lesson courses at Learn Flute online dot com this week and get some instruction that you can put into practice to boost your level of musicianship especially on the instrument flute.

Keep on, Keepin’ On!


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