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LFP 045 | What Does the Rose Bush Bring?

Learn Flute Podcast SHOW NOTES:

In this episode, you will learn about the rose bush as it relates to music and the arts.

This is the Learn Flute Podcast Episode 045.


You’ll learn:

What this podcast will be all about

  • Information on this podcast is supplemental to LearnFluteOnline.com
  • A story about a beautiful opera house
  • How a rose bush relates to music
  • The importance of having music in your life
  • What you can look forward to learning from listening

Learn Flute Podcast 045

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Welcome back for this episode number forty five here on the Learn Flute Podcast. I’m Rebecca Fuller, your host and expert of all things flute related And the instructor on the website learnfluteonline.com where you can find literally hundreds and hundreds of learning videos and other materials all set in perfect learning order for your success. Today we’re going to talk about a certain little rose bush and what that means. Let’s get started!

Well hello hello! I’m excited you’re here because I thought of something this morning as I went to record this episode that I think  had been on the back of my mind for quite a few years, and I’d just love to let it out now. I think you will enjoy this.

I live in a mountainous community near a beautiful city nestled in the valley.  We have hills, mountains, lakes, horses, countless hiking trails, and some of the best snow skiing around. My side of the mountain is lush, green and absolutely gorgeous almost all year long. We have four different seasons and it’s incredible.

 One thing that we also have in the little city here is a beautiful opera house. The man who is in charge and over all of the opera festivals and operations his name is Michael Ballam. He’s a wonderful guy who is very driven and intent on keeping the arts alive especially in our community. Every year he hosts a large opera festival where for weeks on end we have famous  shows and musicals being played daily in the most beautiful opera house and theater center.

More than once in my time living here I have heard Michael speak. He gives an amazing presentation on the arts, and I guess I could mention to you friends here that it always makes me cry. It touches me right at the core and I totally get what he is doing.

The last time I heard him speak my husband happened to be with me, and Michael was speaking about the struggles that he had in getting funding including city funding to help the cause and to help up keep this gorgeous building. Since actually the city owns the building now. 

If you can imagine for a minute with me it’s one of those old opera houses and it’s large and gorgeous. When you walk in that has the fuschia pink carpet and gold trim everywhere. The ceiling is so ornate and the walls are hand carved and painted with the most beautiful decorative flowers and roses. Every single inch of it is beautified.  While you sit and wait for the show to begin there is a feast for your eyes. Besides that, everyone I know attend. Many people have season tickets to every single show that comes. Even though it’s a smaller community, we still appreciate the Broadway shows and the high-level musical opportunities that are brought here.

Anyway, Michael was telling everybody a story about when he was  petitioning the city council here in order to acquire some funding to restore the building. The city council was complaining about the cost and how they needed to have the funding to go towards demolition to create a parking lot in its place- because the building didn’t really make anybody any money. I of course cannot tell this story nearly as well as he can because first of all when he tells it, it last about an hour- but the gist of it is this:

Just at the moment when he was sure he was going to lose all funding and the program for the arts here would go down hill because of loss of the building a woman stood silently in the back of the room. She was well in her years. I think he said she was 90 + or something like that. 

Anyway she stood and said can I speak for a moment please? once the room quieted down and they allowed her the floor she begins speaking about her flower garden and how she spent days on end taking care of and caressing her rose bushes. She pointed out the fact that there were also flowers and rose bushes outside the city office building. she then told the council that those roses didn’t make anybody any money, but they were there for a different purpose.  They were there to give beauty,  calmness,  and life to an otherwise sterile environment.  

She spoke of the beauty of the opera house and how much work and love and care was put into up keeping that building since the year 1923. Although the opera house was actually standing as a theater since before 1912 and then burned down then. The current opera house was built in its place with painstaking detail.

To take a page from it’s book of history it reads; From 1923 through the 1930s the Capitol Theatre played host to many well known and famous entertainers including: Abbot and Costello, John Phillip Sousa, the Marx Brothers, as well as George Berns and Gracie Allen.

It seems that something this historic and beautiful as this would be worth restoring and saving. Just as is the rose bush in the garden.

Someone cared. In fact, almost everyone cares when beauty is put in the spotlight. The ugly green paint that once covered the building was scraped and the incredible gold leafing was restored. I just love attending shows there!!

The reason I tell you this story today here on this audio is because I want you to remember the importance and purpose of music and the arts. What you are doing here today is actually so vital to our mental health and wealth. Music comes from the soul as does beauty.

Just the fact that you are here listening today lets me know that you are also an advocate for the rose bushes in life. We feel the need to have our souls watered with style, delicacy, elegance, and grace. No matter our walk of life or location. And it is – awesome.

I commend your efforts, and love you for it. I hope you have had time to come to learnfluteonline.com membership area and get your lesson today. Remember the rosebush. It starts out small and then grows into an incredible attraction as it is refined. Remember there are levels ranging from the brand new beginner all the way to the advanced level with lessons all prepped and ready for you in between.

Let me know how you like this audio, and your feelings on the rosebush. I’ll be interested, and would love to continue the conversation for sure.

If you’re listening to this on the website page with the url: learn flute online dot com forward slash zero forty five, then this is a great place to leave your comment or question. I read every single one.

That’s it for today – we’ll be back again the next time. See you then!


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2 thoughts on “LFP 045 | What Does the Rose Bush Bring?”

  1. Hi Rebecca, Thank you for sharing this story. This opera house sounds like a very special place. I have found that sometimes it is in the hushed and stilled moments in life when we hear the most powerful voices of wisdom.Bless that little old lady for speaking up. Jo.

    1. Hi Jo, I’m so glad you listened to this podcast and understand. When I drive by it I like to envision the roses, and say a little prayer of thanks that it is bringing so much beauty to our community. ~Rebecca

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