Benefits of Playing the Flute

If you’re reading this article you probably already know that the flute is one of the best instruments in the world (you could say I’m a little biased). But did you know that there are many different benefits of playing the flute that can bring joy to you and those around you?

I’ve created a list of some with a few of the benefits you can receive from playing the flute.

  1. Increases your memory capacity

Studies have shown that both listening to music and learning to play music can increase your memory. Not only will you remember more, you will also remember for longer periods of time.

  1. Helps you learn organization and time management

A well seasoned musician knows that the quantity of practice time is not as important as the quality. So musicians begin to organize, plan, and prioritize their time to get the most out of each practice session.


  1. Improves body coordination

Learning to play the flute requires a lot of hand-eye coordination. Flute players have to learn to read the notes on a page and translate them to finger patterns while they focus on breathing, rhythm, dynamics and more.

  1. Betters your math skills

Learning the rhythm of different pieces uses patterns and math skills. Also studies have shown that children who learn a musical instrument usually have a higher grade and do better in math specifically, than those who don’t.

Helping to develop lifelong skills and qualities

  1. Teaches responsibility

The flute requires a lot of responsibility. It needs to be cleaned after every practice, polished, and taken care of. Flute players also learn responsibility as they remember performances and make time to practice each day.

  1. Creates sense of achievement

The small daily improvements flute players make are something to be proud of. When students first begin learning, the ability to hold a note for several seconds or have a clear tone is something to celebrate. But as flute players improve and learn, accomplishments become bigger and bigger pushing them to tackle new challenges.

As you can see, becoming a flute player has many benefits to your health, brain processes, and self-improvement. These aren’t even all of them! Doesn’t that make you want to pick up your flute and practice even more?

It makes me happy to know that when I am teaching students to play the flute I am also helping them develop lifelong skills and qualities.

So as you are practicing today think of all the benefits you are getting from all your flute playing.

Keep it up 🙂

Have any questions? Comment below and I will help you out.

Rebecca FullerRebecca Fuller
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