Virtual Flute Choir

Many of these players thought it wouldn’t be possible to play in a beautiful flute choir just weeks after starting to learn to play the flute… but they did!

And you can too.

The learning process here at Learn Flute Online will guide you through the skills it takes to thoroughly enjoy the instrument flute.

Having courage to begin the journey is the first step. Leave the rest up to the step-by-step process of the Learn Flute Online levels.

We learn virtually here, and it works beautifully with every schedule. You can even learn in your pajamas if you like! (I know I do)

We hold monthly challenges, and some of them include being a part of the large LFO ensemble – which is just a fancy way to say “flute choir”.

I do my part to create a beautiful arrangement, record the accompaniment, and place brilliant harmonies alongside.

Basically, my job (Rebecca Fuller, the instructor and director) is to make y’all look and sound fabulous. We do it all the time – and it’s so much fun!

Playing in a virtual Flute Choir is fun!

This arrangement here on this page is titled “The Last Rose of Summer” which is an Irish Air. You may be interested to note that the original title of the melody is “Aislean an Oigfear” – an Irish poem about a boy who is dreaming about a young girl (steamy).

The melody is gorgeous, and I had a lot of fun creating the arrangement. Heather Bosshardt performed the accompaniment on piano, and will weave you in and out of emotions.


What do you aspire to do in partnership with your flute?

Many students wish to be able to play with a group. It’s on their bucket list. Sound familiar?

A virtual flute choir such as the ones we have here at Learn Flute Online is your perfect opportunity.

Worried you might not be good enough yet to join us? No worries. I create flute choir parts that are playable by anyone – especially after you follow the guide I give you. I also give extra coaching via live classes on zoom. You can do it.

What questions do you have about joining our virtual flute choir?

Every level gets to join the Flute Choir!

Here at Learn Flute Online, we find every level of flute player. 80 percent of players are brand new when joining our program. Yes, I said 80%.  Players do not stay new for very long here because we dive right in and get the proper skills learned quickly. 

It doesn’t take long at all to come to learn that everyone is welcome, encouraged, and invited to be a new flute-friend.

We have a lot of fun together even though we are scattered across the globe. We are united by music and good vibes.

We have completed quite a few virtual flute choir performances. Have you seen them yet? From Swan Lake to the nostalgic Holly and the Ivy, we strive to have an assortment of musical excitement.

It’s normal (and totally okay) to get started with whatever playing skills and instrument you have. Wherever you are is perfect! 

In order to join one of our monthly challenges, you only need to be part of the program here at Learn Flute Online. You can take a taste and get started as a novice player in the Silver Level. Moving into the Gold Level gives you access to all the insider fun though, and continues up into the Intermediate and Advanced levels as well. 

You only need to come with a mind ready to learn.. it’s that easy to be a part of the best flute-learning program on the planet. (truth)

Are you convinced to join us yet? The next flute choir event is being queued up as we speak. .. and it’s going to be beautiful!

Have any questions? Comment below and I will help you out.

Rebecca FullerRebecca Fuller
Get Flutie with us! Learn and enjoy every musical minute.

2 thoughts on “Join Our Virtual Flute Choir – Fun!”

  1. Hi Rebecca!
    This is intriguing. I’d like to learn more about this virtual flute choir. I’ve been playing my whole life, which is quite a while!
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Nancy, yes we are just starting a brand new virtual choir (online ensemble) this week. Make sure you’re a member (Gold or Int/Adv) here at Learn Flute Online and you’ll have all the info and be able to join in. Click to “Get Started” and you’ll see the way in. Let me know if you have any questions or need help joining. See you soon! Rebecca

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