Four Things To Help You as a Beginner Flute Player

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Four Things To Help You as a Beginner Flute Player

As a beginner flute player, there are many many different things that can help you learn quickly. In this article I want to take a minute to tell you more about the way of thinking or the ‘mental set’ we need as we begin an adventure like learning how to become a musician.

These things can help you at any stage of the game, but especially as a beginner flutist.

It will be so totally worth it.

Number one!  The number one thing on the list is that just like any other new language or skill, we need to know that it will take time. I mention this because it seems that nowadays we are in more of an instant gratification mindset, and that kind of ruins things like this for us.

It will take time to learn because we have to teach our body new tricks. Our little muscles have to become fluent. It’s a new trick to access little nerves and muscles in your face that you’ve never really needed before, not to mention our breathing and the balance it takes. It really does just take some time.

Number two, because it takes time, it will also include patience. Just as I mentioned before, we tend to get in a ‘I think I want it right now’ mentality. I know I do also. I sometimes think that I can muscle my way through anything if I try hard enough. Haha, well, playing the flute isn’t really one of those. It definitely takes time and patience both to get to where we need to go. So again, sit back and enjoy the ride.

Number three is something that occasionally brings up a negative image in your mind only because of what others may have done to this word. It is practice!

Haha, I always find it interesting when someone tells me that they enjoy ‘playing’ their instrument but not ‘practicing’ it. This makes me think that they’ve somehow separated these two things in their mind. Playing isn’t practicing and practicing isn’t playing somehow?

I like to think playing my instrument is actual ‘playing’… just like when I was a kid out on the swing set. It’s just another form of ‘playing’. Get this mindset, and you’ll be good for years of flute-learning.

Number four is my favorite because it’s all about the fact that it WILL be worth it.

You’ve had the desire to learn how to play the flute for a long time now probably.  By getting these four things in mind, AND combining it with steps to follow –perhaps from a book or a live teacher, or my online sequential lessons (for example)– then you will be totally unstoppable.

Yes, it’ll still take time, patience, and practice- but within all of that, it will be so totally worth it.

I love all you flutists out there and am here cheering you on always. Leave a comment in the box below so we can keep this conversation going.

Have any questions? Comment below and I will help you out.

Rebecca FullerRebecca Fuller
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