Flute Designs Do they affect my sound

Did you know that there are so many different styles of flutes? Beyond the original silver flutes, I’ve seen gold flutes, rose gold, red, blue, and all different colors of plastic flutes as well.

I’ve also seen flutes that are so unique and intricately styled with designs and additions. Today I want to talk to you about different flute designs and whether or not they effect your sound.

A new flute can make a big difference in your sound


Not too long ago, I went to the National Flute Convention. They always have rows and rows of flutes on display– as far as the eyes can see. This year I took lots of pictures to share with you all the different styles I saw.

Now take a minute and think of what you do to make sound on your instrument. You blow right? So it would make sense that we would be the most concerned about designs by your mouthpiece, since that’s where you create the sound.Flute Designs, Do they effect my sound?


In this first picture, notice how the lip plate is cut out a little bit. This is simply stylistic and depends on the preference of the flutist.



The most important thing to remember with this is that you want to have the mouthpiece that makes you sound the best right? Some flutists will simply like the style and “think” that it is actually makes them sound better. (maybe, maybe not)

This next lip plate has a simple design on the side that you place your lip on. It is very beautiful, don’t you think? This is the type of design that will not affect the sound of your Flute Designs, Do they effect my sound?flute playing. But it will feel pretty different under your lip.



This last lip plate is so intricately designed. Can you see the little spider hanging from the spider web? In my opinion, this flute would be difficult to play with so much that could get in the way of your air stream. However, with lots of practice I’m sure this flute sounds just as great as the others. 

Flute Designs, Do they effect my sound?

The main thing to take away from this article is that with any designs, especially on your lip plate, you will need to take some time getting used to it and adjusting. As long as your flute is in good condition though, it should be able to play beautifully.

Have any of you seen an intricately designed flute? Comment below what you’re thinking, let’s keep the conversation going.

Have any questions? Comment below and I will help you out.

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