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How to align your flute

Quick and Easy Tips to Align Your Flute

Learning how to align your flute is very important when going to play. It has an effect on your sound, position, tone, fingering, and so much more. In this Learn Flute Online article, we’ll explore how best to line up your flute. This will be one of the first things, and one of the very best things you can learn when getting started on the flute. Lining up the head joint is more important than you may […]

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Do Not Clean Your Flute Pads with a Dollar Bill

Do NOT Clean Your Flute Pads With a Dollar Bill

  I have heard so many interesting flute maintenance over the years, but this one keeps recurring. I think it’s high-time I help the world put a stop to spreading this “poor” flute cleaning information. Do NOT clean your flute pads with a dollar bill! Band teachers in certain areas seem to think that a dirty old dollar bill is the best thing to clean a sticky pad with. Um.  Does this seem strange to

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Flute Cloth

Flute Cloths The Winner Is

Flute cloths And the winner is…. This is just a total “teaser” to this article about “The Grossest Flute Cleaning Cloth I Have EVER Seen”. Here’s the story: I have a new flute student I’ve been working with for a few weeks, and I’ve been talking to her about the condition of her flute and how to get it (and keep it) in great playing shape.  As many people find out after it’s too late,

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How to Properly Take Your Flute Apart

How To Properly Take A Flute Apart

When taking flute lessons from a really knowledgeable flute teacher, you should be taught how to properly take a flute apart first thing.  But, I know that sometimes the little details can be overlooked, and ultimately cost your flute’s life to end early. Sound dramatic? It is. In all seriousness this is one of THE most common mistakes I see flute students of all sizes, ages, and shapes make when disassembling their flutes. [headline style=”16″

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Flute Cars and Sunshine

Flutes Cars and Sunshine

You’re probably wondering what Flutes, Cars, and Sunshine have to do with each other. Actually, this is a very important article for anyone learning how to play the flute. I’m sure you don’t like to throw your good money away by having a mishap such as the one described in this article. So, flute learners; read on. You’ll be so glad you did. There are many times when you’ll need to transport your flute via

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Popcorn, In Your Flute

Popcorn! In your flute?

I once had a young student who came to her lesson saying that her flute wouldn’t play.  I asked her to take it out and we could check to see what was going on with it. She took it out of the case, put it together and proceeded to try to blow some notes for me.  It was true, it didn’t work at all.  It sounded like air only and not really any pitch was

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My Flute Won't Play Popped Springs

My Flute Won’t Play – Popped Springs

I have an awesome video demonstration of this article in Module 4: Oh No! I immediately say, “check for popped springs.”   When a student tells me that “my flute won’t play”, I immediately say “check for popped springs”. They always say, “Springs?” Your flute has some thin, tiny little metal sticks that we call springs. Most of the keys on your flute are open all of the time unless pushed down by one of

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How to Know Which Size of Flute You Should Use

How to Know Which Size of Flute You Should Use

How to Know Which Size of Flute You Should Use Please watch the video below and read the article included.  Good luck! I recently had a nice dad email me over the choice of flutes for his young daughter.  They are going to be learning online from me.  We were lucky enough to be able to meet since they were in my area on vacation. This young girl is 8 years old very petite.  Learning

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