How to align your flute

Learning how to align your flute is very important when going to play. It has an effect on your sound, position, tone, fingering, etc. In this article, we’ll explore how to align your flute. It’s one of the first, best things you can learn.

Lining up the head joint is important. Trying to sound good and play in tune is tricky! How can we align our flute pieces so we have the best chance at these things?

Not every flute is the same. (all brands, makes, models are different)

Climates are different.

We grow. We change.

We learn. We re-learn.

Lining up the middle of the mouth hole with the middle of the rest of the keys works best.

In my experience, lining up the middle of the mouth hole with the middle of the rest of the keys works best. While mouth embouchure, arm and hand size, as well as facial size differ, this is what I’ve found to help us get the flute in that “somewhat” in tune and best tone spot so we don’t sound fuzzy.

Some students like to tip the head joint back towards their face thinking it helps them get a better tone. It doesn’t. This just causes other issues. A nice level head joint is the goal. Keep this in mind.

Now assemble your flute using these tips.

First, keep your flute pieces in the case and take them out one at a time instead of taking all three pieces out and trying to juggle them in your lap for assembly.

Next, I like to twist the body and the head together first. I don’t worry about perfect alignment until I have all three pieces together.

Finally, carefully put the foot and the body together (careful not to squish the keys!).


After twisting the pieces together, what’s next?


After you twist the pieces of the flute together, you can hold the flute like the barrel of a gun and check to see where the tone hole of the mouth piece lines up. It’s easy to twist into the straight line of the majority of the keys of the body of the flute.

The foot joint is a different story. Check your right hand. Is your pinky shorter than the rest of your fingers? Yup. It is.

Place your right hand top fingers on the keys and then with nice ‘relaxed’ hand position notice where your pinky naturally reaches to. You’ll want to twist the foot joint into place exactly where your pinky loves to be. This will NOT be nice and straight with the body keys. *This is why the foot joint is made separately. It help you have a custom made flute every day!

How to assemble the same way each time?


Now, to assemble the flute the same every time? With some practice, you’ll get really good at it.

I use a couple of little dots of fingernail polish to help my rookies get the same alignment every time. By placing one dot on the head piece and another on the top “brink” of the body is a great way to notice the same spot every time.

Again, making sure you learn with proper technique will help you feel confident in your flute endeavors. How to align your flute is just one of the pieces. Glad you stopped by today!

Have any questions? Comment below and I will help you out.

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