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Choosing which instrument to play can be tough. Each one has its own different sound and taste, limitations and abilities. I’m Rebecca’s son Braden, and today, I want to convince you that playing the flute is a good choice for you!

First, an introduction. I’m Braden Fuller, Rebecca’s son. Ever since I can remember, I woke up each morning to her students playing warm-up exercises. Too-uuuuuu, Too-uuuuuuuu. I started playing the flute when I was quite young, and it benefited me immensely. All three of my brothers play the flute, and a lot of my friends do as well! Whether you are just beginning music, or if you are a seasoned veteran of another instrument, here are just a few reasons the flute can benefit you.

Playing the flute is a good choice for you!

The flute is small and extremely versatile. It’s easy to take anywhere, to a campout, a friends house, or just to practice  in your bedroom. My brothers and I love traveling around, and being able to pack our instrument in a backpack was extremely handy at times. In addition to being small and easy to carry, the flute can be played alone, or with nearly any other instrument.

Whether you have friends that play the guitar (think Jazz jam sessions), or the piano (perhaps classical?), or even another flute player (Flutes sound awesome when playing in harmony!), the flute can be taken to any jam session, and work with any sound. Whether it’s rock and roll, Classical, Jazz, Pop, or any other genre the flute can be used to garnish and lead a song.


Playing the flute well is unique!  While many people wish to play the flute, few actually go out there and do it. Why not take initiative and do something other people simply wish they could do? Have confidence in yourself and take on a challenge that will become a wonderful part of your life.

Taking an instrument and mastering it is a way to build confidence and satisfaction in your life. And you don’t need to be alone when learning. Nor do you need to drive far distances and pay expensive teachers.

Because of the versatility  of the flute, learning online can be simple. It may take some time and practice, but that will make it all the more rewarding. 

Finally, the flute is an instrument that can be mastered, and used as a stepping stone for other instruments. The flute is simple in the fact that only one note can be played at a time. This allows beginners to play great sounding songs, in a short amount of time. Compared to the piano, or guitar (which play multiple notes simultaneously) the flute is a melody instrument. Whether you currently play another instrument or not, Mastering the flute means you will have an increased ability to focus on tone (note clarity and sound quality), beat and rhythm, and music theory (learning to read music).

Can you think of any other awesome reasons you should play the flute?

Have any questions? Comment below and I will help you out.

Rebecca FullerRebecca Fuller
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6 thoughts on “Why Play the Flute”

    1. I have a question. What exactly do you call someone who plays the flute? A flute player? A flutist? A fluter? I’m really confused about the name

      1. I play the flute so I call myself a “flutist”, “flute player”, but Flautist is a word I don’t use regularly… some people do though. 🙂

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