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The metronome for flutists

So, I have an older son (18) who used to only use the metronome in practice if I told him he had to.  He didn’t fight me on it, he just didn’t prefer it.  I used to explain to him the benefits of letting it help him find a steady beat.  I also encouraged him to learn to “feel” it within his body or use his foot… or arms… or anything to help him keep that beat ever so steady.

Well, today I saw something amazing happen.  He has a big pile of his own students who come for lessons, and today I heard him poke his head out the door of his teaching studio and ask if anyone knew where the metronome had gone.  His younger brother yelled up the stairs that he had it and that he would be right up.

His speech made a believer out of me.

I actually just stood there in disbelief (or relief?) when he took that metronome in his hands and proceeded to explain to his two students (who were sitting there ready for their guitar lesson) about the importance of the metronome.  His speech made a believer out of me.

I just smiled and ducked back into the dark.  🙂

Have any questions? Comment below and I will help you out.

Rebecca FullerRebecca Fuller
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2 thoughts on “The metronome for flutists”

  1. Hey , Thanks alot Rebecca ,that tip. its really helpfull . Ok,I am jsut bit confused about one thing, its the frequency( BPM). I download a metronome app on my phone , but i found there are several frequencies to play the tempo with, the default is 120BPM. what frequency am I suppose to train my self on then ?

    1. Hey Abdu, the speed (I think you are calling it frequency) all depends on what you are playing. Make the click slow if you are practicing slower.. then speed it up when you are hoping to get up to the tempo the piece is supposed to be. I show you how to use it in some of the learning modules here at Great question! ~Rebecca

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