Sit or Stand? for flutists

sit or stand while playing flute

Ah, the age-old question.  Should I sit or stand when I practice my flute?

"The flute only weighs about 3 lbs."

My #1 answer: Stand.  (Sitting instructions will be given in a different article)

If your back or neck or arms are getting crampy or tired when you stand you need to know that you may be holding your flute in a not-so-great way.

Unlike most of the cartoon drawings you see, your flute needs to be held on the right side of your body.  Our bodies are pretty centered, so when we hold our instrument to the right we get all sorts of body parts out of whack.

Although the flute only weighs about 3 lbs., it can feel quite heavy once you’ve been holding it vertically for a time.  Once you get your alignment correct, you won’t be bothered at all. (and after you’ve been working on it for a couple of weeks)

Steps to holding your flute so your body will love you:

1.  Step back a little and to the right with your right foot.  (2:00) Now your hips will be balanced.

2. Your nose and toes should “almost” align.

3.  Although your arms will be held at shoulder height, your elbows need to stay relaxed and down.

4.  Watch those wrists.  They should not be kinked.  This causes carpal-tunnel syndrome.  (We don’t want that now, do we?)

5. Check to be sure your spine is elongated and feels straight.

6.  The flute is held to the side, but the end of it should be pushed just slightly in front of your body.  This will eliminate twisting of your back.

7.  Chin up, guys.  No matter what or who you have seen play the flute, your body will be so much happier if you will keep yourself straight.


There will be many more in-depth pictures, videos, and descriptions in the lessons provided with LearnFluteOnline.

Until then, hold that flute proudly.


What have you learned about flute posture? Leave a comment below.

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