How to Plan a Flute Recital For Yourself

As always the preparation that you put into planning your flute recital will help you feel more comfortable and relaxed the day of your flute recital. These feelings will help you feel more confident in your ability to perform the the best of your abilities.

The first point of preparation is to pick songs that you can play preferably a bit below your skill level. (yup) Oftentimes we want to show off our flute skills with several tricky technical songs that leave us entirely out of control, which can leave us exhausted.

Recitals are a perfect way to showcase your lovely flute skills.

  • Pick a variety of tunes with different difficulty levels and interest. Master them well. Also remember to spread out the difficult pieces so that your technique will stay sharp throughout the entire event.
  • Next it’s important to remember when you pick your songs to play pieces your audience is likely to enjoy. Your Grandma might not be as impressed with a very technical, wild song as your flute teacher would be. Grandma might enjoy a classic better. Think about it for a bit and pick pieces that will connect with the audience.
  • Always remember to practice your recital entirely so that you can smooth out any possible bumps that could pop up. Working on longevity is every bit as important as ironing out technicalities within the pieces separately. As always practice makes perfect, even with your recital as a whole.
  • One last tip: make sure to get enough sleep the night before, and maybe eat a banana or two the morning of the performance. They actually can help with nerves.

Recitals are a perfect way to showcase your lovely flute skills. They take a lot of effort to put it together, and will be worth it. There is a great sense of accomplishment that comes not only from putting on a successful recital, but also from performing well and displaying all of your hard work. You’ve got this!

Have any questions? Comment below and I will help you out.

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