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Music Changes the World

Music has really had such an impact on my life. In fact, music has had an impact on everyone’s lives- on the whole planet! Let’s take a minute today to talk about how music changes the world.

First, music makes us FEEL a certain way. Music sets moods and creates the perfect atmospheres in any situation- especially the movies and in theatre. Have you ever watched a scary video with the sound turned off? It’s not the same at all- not even scary. You may see the boogie man sneaking around the corner, and without the actual appropriate audio, you’d just think to yourself- “huh, there’s a dude right there. I wonder what he’s doing?”

Just as the music in a scary movie brings all the emotion, a romantic love story just saps all of the emotions right to the surface of your skin as well to the point you almost start sobbing with either joy or sorrow. It’s just crazy that music can effect so much!

Another thing music has the power to do is completely alter mood. I heard that the average American listens to around four hours of music each day. That’s kind of a lot of influence if you ask me!

Just imagine what kind of an impact the type of music you listen to is having on your life, mood, and decisions. Whether we realize it or not, our emotions change depending on what we hear.

We are so lucky to be living in the day and age where so much music is at our fingertips. We have home computers, ipads, tablets, mp3 players, ipods, earphones and earbuds, as well as watches right on our wrists that will play our favorite tunes.

It’s just crazy that music can effect so much!

It’s cool, and I hope you take advantage to experiment with what type of music speaks to your body and soul. Focus on what happens as you listen and internalize the beat and feel the mood of that piece.

Take a minute to leave a comment below of what your favorite music is to listen to and how it affects your life. Music is such an interesting topic!

Have any questions? Comment below and I will help you out.

Rebecca FullerRebecca Fuller
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