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LFP 056 | Are Your Emotions a Loose Cannon?

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In this episode, you will learn about how emotions can influence your ability to learn to play the flute. Including some tips from me.

This is the Learn Flute Podcast Episode 056.


You’ll learn:

What this podcast will be all about

  • Information on this podcast is supplemental to LearnFluteOnline.com
  • What emotional level you are one
  • How emotions can prevent learning
  • Why emotions can be a great thing to have for a flute player
  • What you can look forward to learning from listening

Learn Flute Podcast 056

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Well, welcome to this episode of the Learn Flute Podcast. My name is Rebecca Fuller, and today we’re going to explore something that will help you see a bit more into the world of learning to become a real musician. Something you may not have ever thought about before is- are your emotions a loose cannon? And what does this even have to do with playing the flute? Let’s get started!

Hello Hello- again, my name is Rebecca and I’m hoping you know who I am by now. I’m your online flute teacher of course. You’re probably already could be one of my incredible students who is working through the lessons I offer at Learn Flute Online dot com in the membership area where you find loads and loads of video lessons and tutorials with everything you need to succeed at learning how to play the flute. This podcast is supplemental and will teach you even more of what you need.

You know, it’s a great day when I get to work one on one with my students, especially one on one. Because I still have a teaching studio here in Utah, you get to benefit from some of the lessons I teach and learn- because I take a lot of mental notes during lessons. 

I always want to bring around the important details you need to be completely successful… and, as you may well have figured out by now- it’s not really just about memorizing fingers on the flute. Nope- not at all. In fact, I’d say that skill only amounts to about ten percent of what it takes to play well. So, … enter me- Rebecca Fuller and all of the resources I bring you to help you succeed at learning how to play the flute well!

So today I wanted to talk a little bit about something I spoke with a couple of my in-studio students this past week. It felt so important to their development, I didn’t want to brush past it and not bring it up to you online friends. Definitely something to think about.

I want you to answer some question for me today. Are you ready?  Now, really think for a second here and answer.

First, are you the type of person that is super mellow and easy going most of the time? – just think or say yes or no.

Second question is, are you a person who is up and down like a yo-yo, but not too intense on any level most of the time? Meaning, you get pretty happy and you can get decently sad, and have a lot of time in the middle? Ok- answer this one yes or no.

Now the third question, and I think you can see where this is going- is are you the type of person who seems to always be trying to control their emotions because you’re all over the board on a pretty intense level? Answer truthfully yes or no.

Now, of course there are many, many shades here in between, but for this topic today let’s say that you are one of these three mentioned emotional people. People do have emotions, and I’m sure you’re obviously one of them. We all are. I have worked with all sorts of awesome people on this planet, and it’s really fun when I get to work one-on-one with someone weekly or regularly for many years. I really get to them well. I get to see first hand what makes them tick, ..and as their personal mentor, I really get to help them learn how to learn. Let me say that again – I get to help people learn how to learn.

I’d say it’s one of the best things I do. Now, the reason I’m bringing up emotions today is because I’ve had an interesting conversation with more than one student in the past that started out pretty intense and on the negative side and ended up being the pinnacle or turning point of their whole flute-learning career for the better. Let me explain:

Some people are the third type I mentioned today. They just seem to be tied up in knots a lot. And, they seem to feel frustrated very quickly- Or completely off the wall excited or happy and then way down in the dumps right after. Especially when learning something new. If this sounds familiar, then I’m glad you’re here listening today. You’re going to like how this ends.

Anyway, some of my students get so frustrated and angry at themselves, their pets, their friends, their family, their homework, and whatever it is… I think you get the picture. Honestly, it makes them hard to teach because it’s almost like they enter the studio with a heavy weight or I always call it their rain cloud hanging over their head. It takes me half of the lesson to blow the rain cloud out of the room so that we can actually play some beautiful music together. Haha, it’s actually a really big issue.

I have noticed that once a student has decided they are ready to learn, then they do. And, if a student is just going through the motions of showing up, waiting for me to get them to learn by just spewing out the information at them, yet their mental capacity is still dwelling in a frustrated nature on everything else in their life, that it’s kind of like teaching to a brick wall if you can imagine.

Now, this story end well, so let’s get to the punch line here. What I have talked to these types of students about is this: If you seem to be the type of person who has been told that they are like a loose cannon then you can actually sit up a bit straighter right now because I’m going to compliment you.

Yup- that’s right. Here’s the reality of it; some people just were either born this way or maybe have been nurtured along in positive or negative ways until their emotions are really just sitting super close to the surface of their personality. Do you understand what I mean here? Some people say that it’s like wearing your heart on your sleeve instead of buried inside you where it supposedly should live.

I actually love this type of person in my studio -hang with me here- because once I get these people to realize that they get to turn this ‘emotions near the surface’ into their creative genius, they always get curious and really listen to what I have to say.

Think for a minute about some of the best artists you know. You can think in any style or genre. It can be dancers, painters, musicians, pop or not- but if you think about it, some, and many are complete ‘diva’ type artists because they kind of  have exploding moments in their life and also quiet times in their lives. During these types of moments some of the most creative and interesting ‘uniqueness’ comes about.

Emotional people make the BEST musicians in the world — IF they can learn to calm themselves and trust themselves and the process and their mentor and their coaches, while learning the fundamentals. I think we should print that – use it as a quotable, tweetable, or whatever. 

Let me say it again- Emotional people make the BEST musicians — IF they can learn to calm themselves and trust themselves while learning the fundamentals.. Then they can put all that juicy goodness into their music later. Knowing that they will emerge an absolutely unique genius within time. I love that we get to learn to reign it in and use all that juice emotional stuff to be amazing!

How does that get your wheels turning today? Huh?

Wow! What a great conversation to have. This is fun. I love it. It’s kind of quick and just enough to think about. We can learn so many things each week. How have you been feeling before, during, and after your practice sessions this week or month? Does listening to this episode spark any ideas for you? Let’s carry on the conversation in the comment section here, and assume I’ll be seeing you for a technique lesson this week in the Learn Flute Online membership area. Ask me anything!

We’ll chat again laters! I’m Rebecca Fuller, the expert and instructor at Learn Flute Online dot com. Bye now!


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I hope you’ve enjoyed learning all about the flute and finding out about – are your emotions a loose cannon?  Join us for the next episode.

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