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LFP 055 | The Judges on The Voice Were Spot On

Learn Flute Podcast SHOW NOTES:

In this episode, you will learn about why the judges on The Voice were spot on.

This is the Learn Flute Podcast Episode 055.


You’ll learn:

What this podcast will be all about

  • Information on this podcast is supplemental to LearnFluteOnline.com
  • How much is too much vibrato
  • What makes Learn Flute Online so great
  • What this title has to do with the flute
  • What you can look forward to learning from listening

Learn Flute Podcast 055

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Welcome to the Learn Flute Podcast! This is episode number fifty five, and I can’t wait to explain the title of this one. I’m Rebecca Fuller, and today I’m going to tell you why the judges on the Voice were spot on! Stay tuned!

Hello, and welcome back. Today is going to be both interesting and fun! But first, I’d like to give a shout out to Kathleen who sent me the nicest note. I thought I’d bring this up today as a testimonial that the Learn Flute Online program works! It’s possible that you are hearing this recording not knowing exactly what my online lessons can do for you. 

Now, I’m not talking about listening to these audio podcasts and suddenly waking up and knowing how to play the flute super well. I’m saying that the exact tools, techniques, in a perfect system are waiting for you to come into the membership area and watch, so that you can apply and .. be awesome! If you’re not sure how and where this is, email me at rebecca at learn flute online dot com. I’ll point you in the proper direction. You’ll be great!

So, I bring this up because I have some of the nicest, coolest students inside the lesson area who have been working on it so diligently. I’m super proud of them. Kathleen told me this- which I absolutely LOVE. She says “ After 12 months of learning with you, first with the Gold lessons and then into the intermediate- I just want to say a big thank you for all that you have taught me.” Well I love it. She’s doing a great job moving through the lessons and learning.

Now, let me back up for a second here and let anyone listening that everyone takes a different amount of time going through the lessons. The biggest reason for this is that there are quite a few people who actually are returning learners from years ago when they may have already started learning the flute, and it’s nice that they can come to Learn Flute Online and start fresh with full confidence that they are going to be able to move through the lessons at the pace they feel comfortable- knowing that they won’t skip any skills like perhaps the first time they were learning.

It’s common for students to come into the program without any knowledge at all about music or the instrument flute. They stay for a few years learning and growing their skill. It’s perfect! And, I’m so glad I can help. It’s the whole reason I do what I do.

Let me know how your success is going- I’d sure love to know what is working, what isn’t working, etc. Hit me up in the comment box of the module you’re working in. I read every single one, and it’s a highlight of my day.

So, you are probably wondering when I’m going to explain the title here of this audio. Haha Ok- I owe you a story for sure. And here it is:

I’ve been doing pretty good staying regular and consistent with exercising in the mornings at my home before I move on with creating lessons, writing music, practicing, preparing, shooting videos, and teaching. Well, while I’m doing my pushups and other exercises, I get kind of bored – so I like to turn on something that is entertaining and keeps my attention for the duration of my squats and lunges, etc.

Lately I’ve been watching the television reality show called “The Voice”. I’m hoping that you’ve actually heard of it. It’s a singing competition that is on the highest level. A lot of it is pop and really current with today, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be and it’s for people of all ages. Super talented people make it through many auditions to be able to make it to this final spot on TV where they perform for four blind judges (well, they’re actually just turned around at first- and the reason is so that they don’t judge the people by what they look like.

It’s a strict singing competition, and the judges are also bidding to see if they can persuade the singers to be on their team. Anyway, the reason I watch it is because these people just amaze me. This is high pressure, high level talent and performing. And, I find myself falling in love with so many of the voices. I really love true artistry.

One thing I do, is listen very carefully to the advice and criticism the coaches slash judges give to the contestants. I like to find similarities between vocal coaching and flute coaching. I love it when I find so many awesome things to notice and think about.

Today I want to point out one important detail that was a really great comment that came out during the show I saw recently. One performer just sang his heart out. It was really quite good. But, not really quite good enough for any of the coaches to turn their chair around and bid for them. I was curious as to why none of them did, and was relieved to hear this comment come out because it’s something I noticed as well: One of the judges said, “do you think you can sing the notes without putting vibrato on every single one? Sometimes I just like to hear the melody.”

Now, I didn’t really write this down, so don’t quote me directly- but IF you are one of my students who has been studying with me for long enough, and you’ve either taken my vibrato course, or you already have attempted or discovered your own vibrato- this will be important for you to hear today. Because it’s true. Totally true that some artists get so excited about their new skills that they want to show them off all the time. Look at me- I have big vibrato.

Haha, well, I’m not sure if that is really what people think- I’m sure they’ve just never stopped to think about this before. It shows that they might be on a little bit of a lower level. If you don’t know what vibrato is yet, no worries – listen anyway because there is something great to learn here.

Vibrato is not really used in every culture. And some styles of music do not require vibrato often. In fact, it is a real distraction to some. Vibrato is meant to be used for a few different reasons- we’ve covered some in a previous audio, and I talk about it every moment in the vibrato course at Learn Flute Online, but let me bring out this detail: vibrato is oftentimes used as an ornament – like a little decoration on a shelf, or like little shining lights on a christmas tree. It gives emphasis at times, and sometimes it is used to relax different notes.

The most important detail you can get from today’s episode is that it is not really meant to be used on every single note. Vibrato isn’t. Did you know this???

Well, now you do!

I’d love to dive more into this subject, but I know your time is valuable, and I’ve promised to keep these short enough that you can listen, spark an idea or some new motivation in your mind, and then go implement it immediately.

Playing the flute is so much fun, and I’m so glad we get to take this journey together.

Do you have vibrato yet? Do you not even know what it is yet? How is your vibrato coming along if you’re learning it? I’d love to see your thoughts here, so keep it real and write down your thoughts really quickly in the comment section on this page.

You’re great!

Let’s meet up again soon. Bye now!


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I hope you’ve enjoyed learning all about the flute and why the judges on the voice were spot on. Join us for the next episode.  

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