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In this episode, you will learn How to Do What Inspires Us: 

  • What is inspiration?
  • Three easy steps to doing what inspires us 
  • How this change impacts our musical goals

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Podcast Transcript

It’s a new year, and of course, it’s a new you and we can’t wait to learn how to do what inspires us as flute players! 

You’ve probably experienced times when you’ve seen or heard something new and it lights a little fire under you to do the same. This is called ‘inspiration’. 

How to actually go and do, or use what inspires us? Let’s discover this incredible list today! 

Well welcome, welcome today. It’s been a fun start to the new year so far, and I am thrilled you are here to learn and enjoy more information that will help you on your journey to good and healthy, life-long musicianship.

We’ve been really getting to it here at Learn flute Online, in fact, we are right smack dab in the middle of our 10 day Tone Workshop here, and the progress everyone is making is already off the charts!

If you haven’t had a chance to be part of my incredible yearly Tone workshop, then you have been missing out. During these couple of weeks in January I do not hold back. Every day we explore a new sub-category to how to have really, really good tone and sound beautiful as we play the flute. 

There are real and learnable skills that I’ll show you.

So besides tone and learning how to make our flutes sing beautifully, we have another side to playing and learning an instrument that is all about mindset and how to keep ourselves humming along.

It’s really common in certain circles for players to become a little bit discouraged and kind of beaten down by uncaring, rigid educators. This is NOT how it is here, folks. 

We got this. 

I’m here for you, and I will help you get and keep your creative juices flowing again and again and again.. Because I’m sure you picked up the flute in the first place due to something you saw, heard, or felt.. And it inspired you, right?

This is the strongest type of attraction to an instrument – seeing or hearing some music that just reached inside your body and grabbed ahold of your heart. 

Then, in an instant, you decided you wanted this for yourself. You wanted to learn to play it yourself so you could feel this same feeling every day if you choose. Am I right?

You’ve probably experienced these types of moments when these thoughts appear unexpectedly. During this moment of inspiration, you feel really really excited at the prospect of doing or having new things or new knowledge for yourself. It’s so much fun to begin and pursue a new goal.  

So how can we use this beginning of the new year as a way to get inspired even more or even re-inspire ourselves?

It’s okay to know that inspiration comes in waves, and knowing how to find it and call upon it more often is something we can do for ourselves. Did you know this? We hold the power to take control of something as powerful as inspiration which gives us the motivation to continue on our quests throughout the year.

So let’s get our creative juices flowing again today by following some easy steps I’ll give you, right now.

You ready for this? Great!

Even the most successful people on our planet take it upon themselves to identify what sparks their fire of desire to keep on towards their goals. Knowing more about this for ourselves is kind of a really big deal. It’ll help us through times when we feel stuck or even in a cycle of frustration and something called self-doubt. Do these words ring a bell with you? Well, if you’re human they will.

It really just takes a bit of awareness and encouragement to make sure your vision for your own future returns to you.

So, first of all, let’s talk for a second about this word ‘inspiration’ that I keep using, and what it does for us exactly. 

Well, it comes from a latin word meaning to ‘breathe into’ – breathe life into something. So, inspiration is basically the feeling and sometimes no-so-recognized thought of being mentally stimulated to bring to pass what we, ourselves would like to create.

Being inspired can give us ideas and desires to do important things like solve complex problems, and create or develop something new and exciting to us, and it also is the major motivator for doing something that changes the direction in your life.

Sounds kind of important, right?

It is! Extremely important.

So, how can we get more of this? I, like you hopefully, am always seeking out the next step or how to keep myself feeling alive and happy, so this is the perfect subject for today. I’m really glad you’re here to share it with me.

Inspiration evokes positive thinking and also helps us to look forward to the possibilities in our life. It’s all about our thoughts and our feelings, and really is totally free of any limitations. Its also usually a completely spontaneous thought most of the time.

Think back to a time when you remember feeling really inspired about something. Did you ask for those thoughts? 

Probably not. 

You were just there minding your own business yet paying attention to what was going on around you, and whamo! You were struck with a very powerful thought that you wanted this for yourself. 

Am I right, or am I right? 

Well, this spontaneous thought is the moment that I want you to focus on here because this is your springboard to your new direction. Your excitement for the subject will increase and you’ll suddenly have higher energy levels than before. Who couldn’t use this in their life?

I know for me, I find that when my energy levels are up, my brain thinks a lot faster and a lot more clear. This turns into higher levels of creativity for me. My mood is enhanced, and I have a super positive outlook on the project at hand.

If you are someone who has been caught in a slump in life, and especially low mental well-being, this episode is for you today. You can take matters in your own hands and raise your level in life by just following these following three steps to finding inspiration, which will pull you out of your dip quickly and get you right back on track.

I want to also let you know that finding inspiration isn’t always about chasing something, but it’s more like knowing how to put yourself in the right places and situations so that inspiration can find you. 

Most of the time, we need to have a more relaxed state of mind for this to happen. You remember times when you were driving, taking a shower or out for a walk in the sunshine when, blam – a positive and very constructive thought came to mind. Well, this is inspiration.

For me, I find this often happens when I’m out on a run and especially on my treadmill. I don’t know what it is about moving my body, but it seems to get my mind going in ways that I can’t force it to otherwise. 

Because of this, over the years I’ve gone from keeping a notebook by my treadmill to installing a full giant wall whiteboard that I can use dry-erase markers on. 

When I’m about on mile 3 I have new thoughts come to mind that I KNOW are going to happen.. When I do my part of course, to make it happen- it really comes true. 

In fact, much of what you experience here at Learn Flute Online is product of what I came up with while jogging or walking on my treadmill. 


Basically, I’ve learned that I have to get my mind into a state that allows for new thoughts without a lot of conscious effort. It doesn’t have to be so hard all the time haha – the best thoughts come with the opposite effort often when you allow them.

Okay, now that we know that especially at this time of year, we can learn how to look forward and find inspiration in our lives that helps our mental game, let’s talk about the first official thing here on our list which is that we need to learn to number one, change things up sometimes. Just a little bit here and there. 

I mean, the treadmill is great, but a walk outside in the sunshine on a new trail can’t be beat. It creates diversity and intrigue with every step. Just the same as maybe putting on a rain jacket and going out to feel the temperature and seeing the light bounce off the wet droplets.. It’s just something that we sometimes forget to pay attention to.

As a musician, we notice this same type of phenomenon when we get tired of working on the same exercise or piece after days and days or weeks and weeks. Changing it up will really do wonders for our motivation.

So how do we keep on the path of learning if we don’t feel we have actually perfected something quite yet, but we’re pretty tired of the same ole thing? Well, this is a great question and not something to be ashamed about asking. 

There are thousands of ways to get a skill to engrain in our muscle memory and in our bodies. 

If you’re working on say for example the F sharp to D finger pattern, and just playing it raw over and over is killing your creative vibe, well, no worries, find (or definitely ask me to help you) a small catchy tune that has the same interval in it and learn to literally play around with it every day for a while. 

You can change the rhythm and the tempo. Put a new style spin on it. You’ll find that you have discovered a fun new way to take care of, what we would say as rote learning, you can take care of that on your own by putting this creative spin on it. 

I like to use this in my teaching, it keeps things fresh and fun for all of my students. It’s also extremely effective, and if you’re interested in allowing me to help you out on a more individual basis, just send me an email at [email protected] and let’s explore the right options for you here.

So number one was to change things up for yourself a bit by exploring new locations and also by learning to take learning concepts that have been feeling dull lately and taking a step in a new creative direction to accomplish the exact same skill.

Along this same line, you can change your routine up a bit by practicing first thing in the morning instead of in the evening.. Or vice versa. 

You can also put your scales warm-up at the end of your practice session instead of at the beginningi… These scales will feel different when you’ve had a full session already. Just try it!

Number two here on our list today of how to do what inspires us it to take time to write down or journal when these feelings of inspiration hit you.

Remember my giant whiteboard by my treadmill? This reminds me that it’s time (today I’m going to say) to erase everything that’s on there right now. I like to get a clean slate every once in a while so that I feel there’s room for new thoughts and ideas. 

I document everything first that’s on there from the previous months (so that I don’t lose it) and start all brand new. This could be a metaphor for life. Starting with a fresh, white, clean, and unmarked space is just a perfect invitation to bring new ideas into life.

When is the last time you spent some quality time brainstorming? I actually feel that I personally could be a professional brainstormer. 

Haha, is that a job somewhere? 

Well, actually it is. Learning to use your creativity to look for possibilities in any subject or life is a desired and much sought-after skill in most successful companies.

Here’s an example of how to brainstorm – use that fresh clean slate we were just talking about and get rid of all distractions for the time being, this means to put your phone away in another room and get yourself into a safe space. 

Now- just start writing – but don’t just write the way you’re used to. Jot down literally every and any idea or goal that comes to your mind .. and do it without thinking about the challenge of HOW you’re going to make these things come to pass. 

This is the secret. 

Worrying and thinking about the how will be a good way to kill your creativity and ability to brainstorm the future possibilities for you.

So how can we take this idea and move it into our life as a striving musician? Well, I feel it has everything to do with it. We know we need an instrument, for us it’s the flute- and we know we want to play beautifully. 

This is great because it shows us we have a starting point and kind of an ending point, but we have problems when we start worrying about all of the in-between and the exact HOW we’re going to accomplish our goals. 

Well, first of all, let me tell you to just go ahead and put that worry aside because “I got you”. 

Let me take care of the process. Here at Learn Flute Online, I have set all of the learning modules in the order you need for learning.. And learning really well, might I add. You just need to continue coming in and participating. It’s amazing what happens when we continue to put one foot in front of the other.

And second of all, we can take this idea of brainstorming and journaling to a whole new level as a learning musician. Have you ever sat down with a blank piece of music manuscript paper? What happened? 

Well, I’m guessing that you weren’t sure where to start. 

Much like this podcast- I knew I had to just get started, and continue on at the level I know how with the desire to create something beautiful.. You can do the same by laying notes and rhythms on a page. Whether it’s really nice sounding or not is totally beside the point at first, just explore what you know – see how it feels to draw the notes on the staff. 

For me, I can spend a little time just having fun drawing different versions of the treble clef. Haha, how many of you have done this before? Just allow yourself to jot, write, lyrics, notes, rhythms, symbols, or thoughts. Lay it all out and then do it again regularly and see where it takes you.

I have arranged and composed hundreds of pieces this way.. With the thought in mind of “let’s just start and see where it takes us”. 

And I’m especially happy that you, my audience and members at Learn Flute Online could enjoy these fruits of my labor with me. I’m so glad you’re here!

Earl Nightingale who was an American radio speaker and famous author says that “All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination.”  You know, I”ll add “and you’ll eventually get to somewhere amazing, whether it was your first intended destination or not”.

Let’s move on now to number three here on our list of learning how to do what inspires us. 

Immersing ourselves in the subject we’re moving towards is the perfect way to create and nurture an environment for ourselves. This environment is what we need to be able to pick up on little subtle hints or skills we couldn’t have otherwise cognitively figured out.

You know that we need to see and hear really good music in order to pick up on certain nuances that create style, and flare, and genre specifics that can’t be learned by staring at or playing music from just a book. These are things we talk about here inside Learn Flute Online. Pay attention when I talk about skills that create style in your playing. 

Examples of this are different types of vibratos, phrasing, or even learning how to stylistically, correctly, shrink or stretch note lengths within their normal parameters. 

I can help you play with grace and beauty – and I’m really excited about it! Imagine yourself playing like you’ve always dreamed. Well, get ready for those dreams to come true, I tell ya! 

I purchased tickets and attended a really nice concert during the holidays. I took my mom for her birthday – so first of all, I had a spring in my step with the thought and prospect of watching my own mother spark and light up.. 

This really is something she enjoys, and I also made it a surprise for her. How fun is that? 

We went to see the concert for the group called “Mannheim Steamroller”. If you haven’t heard of them, you surely have heard their music. They are beyond world famous for their Christmas albums with credit to the creator Chip Davis. 

In fact, I found it interesting to learn that Chip’s producers told him he would totally ruin and end his career if he put out a Christmas album. He just smiled and basically told them he was going to do it anyway. 

Nineteen gold records and billions of downloads and fans later, he was right. He was inspired to make something wonderful for the world to enjoy, and we are so glad he did.

If you haven’t had a chance to listen or see them in concert, you really should save your pennies and go. I had so much fun listening to the intricacies and creative arrangements and the instrument choices. And I had even more fun watching my mom’s eyes sparkle with delight as each new tune began on stage.

I just LOVE immersing myself and putting myself into situations where I can catch creativity as it flies through the air. 

It’s as tangible to me as reaching up with my hand and grabbing it. You can have this type of thought also – put yourself in places where you can see and hear live musicians- see what happens.

So lets recap- number one, two and three here on our list were to learn when it’s time to change things up a bit, lets journal and brainstorm, and we’ll also find ways to immerse ourselves into the environment of what we’re moving towards ourselves.


When we’re following these tips I’ve mentioned here today, we are sure to find inspiration and the desire to not only continue on our quest, but a new sense of well-being for the new year. 

Finding inspiration and trusting the process I have for you here at Learn Flute Online will enhance your self-esteem and give you a boost in your thoughts. 

This kind of reminds me of a quote by Vincent Van Gogh, (or Van Hogh as it’s pronounced in Holland), when he said “If you hear a voice within you say, ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.”

Finding a like-minded community that supports your goals and dreams is a big deal, this is why I’m so happy you’re here. You know, our program here at Learn Flute Online is way more than just the learning modules. We have a very cool community where we share so many interests in life as well as being a group that seeks inspiration through music and good living – you know, it’s contagious. 

I encourage you to come be part of our community where we are marching forward every day in our goals. Find and surround yourself with people who allow you to be inspired.

There’s a lot to think about here. Lady Gaga, a super American singer and performer said to “not allow people to dim your shine because they are blinded. Just tell them to put on sunglasses.” basically she also said, I’ve been dreaming and creating with my talent ..“watch me go”.

So to end off today, I want to remind us all, myself included, that sometimes we just need to take time to breathe, trust the process, and continue moving along. Enjoying what happens as we are on the journey is the best way to a satisfying, healthy life.

It’s our new year, and as always our new You, and I’m here to lead and share the journey as we use inspiration as a springboard for creativity in life.

We’re progressing towards our goals, and improving our well-being and education in life.

I’m so glad you’re here! I’ll play you out now with a beautifully spry double concerto from one of my favorite flute composers Domenico Cimarosa – you can learn this one in the modules here at Learn Flute Online also. Woot woot!

Thanks for exploring how to do what inspires us – see you again soon!

Thank you for Tuning In!

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I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about how we can do what inspires us. See you in the next episode! 

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