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Have Fingernails Me Too

I always feel bad for the piano students who have their teacher come at them with the fingernail clippers nipping them to the buds.  Yikes.  We don’t need to get that radical as flute players. Everyone of us have fingernails.

Because we play the flute with the “pads” of our fingers, we are just fine having some nail.  The only time I have ever had an issue is when my pinky nail on my right hand gets a little too long to make scooting from my pinky key to the Db key.  I keep a pair of trimmers handy in my studio, just in case.

We don’t need to get that radical as flute players.

I am typing this article right now, and it is reminding me that I type the same way I play my flute.  I have pretty fingernails.  But, I don’t use them on the keys while I type.  I use my “pads” and keep my fingers slightly curved.  I also have my wrists straight and supported.  Playing the flute is quite similar to typing this way.

If, by chance, you are interested in going for a world-record and have long, curvy fingernails… this isn’t going to be good news.  Also, if you are a glamour-girl and have big, long, thick, fake nails… you will find playing the flute correctly a chore.  I’m sorry to break the news to those of you who might fall into this category.  You’ll have to cut your nails or ask for shorter ones at the boutique next month.

If you have normal hands and normal growing fingernails, you won’t have any troubles letting your nails grow a little.

One more reason I love to play the flute.  I get to have pretty hands!  And, for you guys out there – just keep on, keepin’ on.


Have any questions? Comment below and I will help you out.

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