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Sight Reading On Flute

Sight Reading On Flute

You may have heard someone or a even a teacher mention sight reading before. But, what does it mean? And how can knowing about these words help you with sight reading on flute? First, it’s an easy definition. Sight Reading means that there is music being read off of a sheet that has never been seen or practiced before. I suggest every flute player of every level practice sight reading weekly or even daily. Basically, […]

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Tone Color For Flute

Tone Color For Flute

What is ‘tone color’ for flute, and why do you need to know about it? Tone color is the quality of the sound you are either hearing or creating. Basically it is what helps you decide what adjective to use to describe the sound. This is beyond whether or not someone has a good sound that is well supported. It is what you choose to do with the sound once you have learned how to

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Flute Music Faster

Read Flute Music Faster Today!

Have you ever been playing the flute, reading music, and can’t catch up to the metronome, the piano accompaniment, or to who we may be “dueting” with at the time without mistakes? Then, you think to yourself, “I know I can play better than this!” or “Why can’t I play this faster?” Sometimes, our brains need to think smarter – not just by playing the notes in front of our eyes… Learning to read ahead

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