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Learn Flute Podcast SHOW NOTES:

In this episode, you will learn goal setting, and game setting, for the coming year, and make it fun! 

This is the Learn Flute Podcast Episode 091.

You’ll learn:

  • Information on this podcast is supplemental to
  • How to choose a clear goal.
  • Having confidence and following through with the goals you chose. 
  • GAME setting. 
  • What can you change to make time for new, important goals?

Learn Flute Podcast 091

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Well, welcome back… it’s 2021! Wait… what happened to 2020? Haha… yah, you all know what happened.

No worries, I”m here with you and ready to rock your flute world for the new year. I’m Rebecca Fuller, your instructor and the head of the Learn Flute Online programs and community. Let’s get started!

A lot of exciting things have been happening at Learn Flute Online over the course of the past few years, and although it would be fun to play catch up today, we’re going to save that for another time and get right to it.

Now, the purpose of this podcast is not only to inspire you into action, but it’s also to help you reflect back in a way that sparks and propels you to look forward in a new way.

Let me explain – usually at this time of year we hear and talk a lot about goal setting.. Which I actually love and I’ll tell you why.

I hear some people complain and kind of say that goal setting doesn’t work for them… well, let me tell you something. That’s because they’re doing it WRONG.

Have you ever noticed that some people just seem to achieve all sorts of things they put their minds to, yet some other people (and perhaps you worry that this is you) seem to fail year after year at what they want to do.

Alright, how can you even mess up goal setting?

Well, the number one way to really mess this up is to NOT have a clear goal to start with. Now, have you ever heard of someone packing their bags and going to the airport (with the intention of going on vacation) and had the nice lady at the airline desk ask where your destination is?.. And them telling her they DON’T KNOW? Well, it happens, some people aren’t even sure what they are trying to accomplish. 

A little side note here – I do have a friend who actually was an airline stewardess for lots of years, and when she didn’t have anywhere to sleep she’d just board a plane from Los Angeles to New York and back again overnight. Yes- her intention was to ‘sleep’ on the plane and not end up anywhere at all.. This is extremely rare and I’m positive NOT your intent when you book a plane ride.

So when the lady behind the desk asks you “Where do you want to go”… you need to have an answer which brings me to my first point (and you can write this down) Create Intent.

Now creating a goal with intent is the number one way to start life going your way because it’s all about choosing something that’s within your control.

Pick what you want and make it happen.

It will do us absolutely no good to say that we really want the stars to align differently, mountains to move, lakes to dry up, flowers to change colors etc. These would all be completely out of our control, as are many other things, especially if they have to do with someone else. They have nothing to do with what our human-self can manipulate over a certain period of time.

And, setting a goal for ourself and then making it the end of all ends if it doesn’t happen quick enough.. Is a way to box ourselves in and possibly do some damage to our confidence. For this reason, some people will say that they don’t like goal setting.. But I think I’m right when I say that it’s not the setting or missing of the goal they really mind the most.. It’s the feeling of disappointment that causes them to say they don’t like goal setting.

Well, sometimes we miss what we’re aiming for.. That’s just a fact of life. But that should never mean that we stop focusing on the target if it’s what we want. It just means we need to move our self-imposed deadline and learn to walk on the path that will actually take us where we want to go.

So, now that we have that straight we need to know that a goal is measurable – we either did it or we didn’t.

The game here is to learn HOW to hit your goal.

Let’s take a side-step and note that I used the word “game” here and said that our “game” is to learn HOW to achieve what we want.

So let’s get clear and talk about how NOT to make a goal: the byproduct instead of the process that causes it to happen. Okay let me explain: 

Here’s an example for you: Since loads of people take an assessment of their health each new year, I’ll use that as an example.

A GOAL many people make is say, lose ten pounds this year. 


But… is just saying we want to lose ten pounds going to make it happen? Sadly, no. The problem is that putting the focus on the byproduct is NOT going to make it actually happen!

Those lost 10 pounds is what happens as a result of moving down and staying on the path that causes the weight loss.

So, what we want to do is switch our focus onto what habits or actions propel the byproduct into reality.

And what we are doing this year, here at Learn Flute Online, is we are going to be game-setting instead of goal setting.

Yes, I did use the word “game” again. Did your ears perk up? Good, because this is going to be really fun.

We are going to use a blank canvas of the year 20 21 to set ourselves up for success in life.

Did you know you were going to get life coaching here? Haha, I love it. I could talk about improving ourselves all the time. It’s a fascinating subject because when we realize that WE are in charge of ourselves, assuming you’re not a young child who has parents dictating their daily events,

YOU are the creator of your own life.

Alright, now you may be balking a little bit right now and saying, “but Rebecca, stuff happens and we can’t control everything!” and of course, my answer to that is that you’re right. But, we can control how we respond. As unfair as some things may be.. Our response is still up to us and we get to choose to keep at it.

Do you remember waaaaay back to January of the year 2020? Wow, that was both a long time ago and it also feels like it was just a few weeks ago. Do you remember who you were then? Full of pep and pop? 

Who are you now?

What happened?

Is your sizzle still inside you? Or are you full of milk and vinegar now?

I used milk and vinegar as an example because if you’ve ever mixed those two together you know that you get a very sour reaction.

So since we all climbed aboard the rollercoaster that was the year 2020, we didn’t even realize that it was going to be an attraction that we were going to stay on for quite some time.. 

Now, let’s get back to our canvas. You know, I look  at it this way, I can go into this new year with a big giant canvas full of colors and spills and pictures, and paint splotches… or I can put that one over there in the corner and pick up this brand new one that Amazon just delivered yesterday. It’s new, and blank, and beautifully full of possibilities.

If you’ve decided to bring a full canvas to your new year, you’re going to have a hard time because we need to decide how to create the space needed to enjoy ourselves and to focus on our own self-worth and improvement.

We all need to take a moment today to break down what is still on our canvas.. And find out if there are things on there that no longer serve us. 

There are things we tend to keep in our lives simply out of the feeling of habit or obligation.. But just like those old crafts, or boxes of junk in our storage.. We can give ourselves permission to make space by moving things out so we can move forward.

Alrighty it’s activity time! Are you ready for this? I want you to get out a real piece of paper and a pen or a pencil and we’re going to actually write on it today as an exercise.

I’m going to preface this exercise while you’re getting ready, with this quote that I have no idea where it came from but it goes something like this:

“What’s the difference between school and life? Well, in school you learn a lesson and then take a test.

In life, you’re given a test to see if you can learn a lesson.”

Think about that for a second (I’ll say it again): “In school you learn a lesson and then take a test.

In life, you’re given a test to see if you can learn a lesson.” Hmm. 

We are not in school here, people. We get to live life, learn lessons, and enjoy the Journey every single day if we choose.

Now here’s what you get to do right now.. And I think this is going to make you feel happy, less heavy, and ready to look ahead:

What is something that takes up space on your canvas that can be moved? 

Here at Learn Flute Online I hear it all. You guys are wonderful, and awesomely talkative. What I’ve noticed is that for those who haven’t taken the plunge and joined us is that they say they just don’t have time for their music and their self development… yet.. But someday they will, and they’ll start then.

 I’ve also noticed that 99 percent of these people are in the second half or even the third half of their life. I don’t ever dare say it but I will right now… is there some magical thing that’s going to happen to gift or grant you more time a few years from now? Well, I don’t think so.

I’m pretty sure I’m one hundred percent right when I say that now is the time to seize control and learn to create that space in your life so you can enjoy it fully.

So you’ll be writing down what you will move out of your way so that you can get present to the path you want to be on in a mental, emotional, time, and physical way.

What will there be time for now? Now that you’ve moved that out of the way? There’s something that doesn’t serve you anymore. Write it down, make a plan to move it. What will there be time for now? 

Oh- I know the answer to this one. The answer is Y. O. U.

There will be time for you and what you want to do, doesn’t that sound wonderful?

Now, take your paper – look at what you wrote down, rip it into tiny little pieces and get rid of it. Burn it if you can. 

Get present, make space, and check how we’re showing up in our own lives and focus on the path as a goal, rather than the byproduct.

This is how we do it folks. You are awesome!

I cannot wait to enjoy the upcoming months with you. Are you ready for it?

We are going to GAME-set our way through 2021.

And you know what? We can do it! 

I’ll help you.

I have the plan – you just have to show up. 

I’ll keep you moving. You may not know this, but I take what I do very seriously. I don’t think a single day goes by where I’m not dreaming up the next fun thing, or breaking down a special skill for you to learn on your instrument. 

And for those listening who aren’t part of our community… What in the world are you waiting for?


Learn Flute Online members know what I’m talking about. 

Have you ever met someone who always has something to look forward to on the horizon? They’re the ones with a smile on their face and a sparkle in their eye. Well, and they’re also keeping their flutes polished and ready to go.

So, I have a spring in my step already knowing all the fun we’re going to have, and the depth of our souls we’re going to touch through music, and community.

As I said, we have lots of fun coming this year, and here at Learn Flute Online where we use our instruments, our community, and our common love for wonderful music to enjoy the journey together.

Stay tuned to the upcoming episodes so I can keep you up to date on what’s going on inside our community, the new lessons and music that’ll be released this year, and a whole lot of skills that take you exactly where you want to go.

Learn Flute Online is the place to learn to use your passion, your personality, and gifts to bless yourself and others in life through music. You get to learn in the privacy of your own home, on your own time, and your own schedule.

I would say that’s Hashtag Winning! #winning

I’ll play you out now, thanks for being here.

See you again soon!


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I hope you’ve enjoyed learning the best types of goal setting for flutists.  Join us for the next episode.

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