What Type of Flute Is This?

Concert, Classical, Transversal

3 pieces, features and specs

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What type of flute are we talking about here?

Hi! I’m Rebecca Fuller, here at Learn Flute Online, and today we are going to get going on answering all of the questions you may have about how to choose a flute. Whether it be brand new, used, borrowed, rented, beginner, intermediate, advanced, and everything else we can think of. We are going to do it all, if we can. Now a big thanks to those of you who submitted questions on the introduction to this video series page. I’ve read them all, and if there’s something you can even think of while watching any of these videos, go ahead and ask. I will make sure the info is talked about somewhere for you to learn from.

Now before we get started, I’m going to make sure that we all understand that there is no way I can answer every single question on this subject in one video. I’m going to be breaking this down into categories, listing it out on the main page, and it’s going to take awhile to get a pretty complete page. I want you to be happy with it because in order to learn how to play the flute well, we have to have an instrument to get going, right? We need a good flute.

So… let’s get started with learning.

There are lowest, lower, low, medium, high, even higher and even highest levels of flute qualities out there. So finding a good one for your type and budget, and where you live is a trick. 

Here’s something to put a little star on: depending on which part of the world you live in, there may be different brands of flutes that you can get your hands on easily. But, we live in such a great time and age that it is becoming easier and easier to access what we want. Well, I’ll help you learn what you want.

Before we get into those specific brands, we need to talk about what we are actually looking for. Let’s lay out the specs of the flute right now.

Number one, this is basic. I receive questions all the time about recorders- Bansuri instruments. These are not the same flute that we are talking about on this website or for these online videos and programs. So look at this one carefully. You’ll notice that it is silver. Although, you will learn in the future here that they don’t always come in silver. They could be gold, or some of one of those new funky colors. But, put that aside and know that we are looking for a flute that is definitely made out of metal, not wood or pvc for learning purposes here.

There are three parts to this instruments. We have a head joint, we have a body, and we also have a foot joint. A foot joint down at the end there.

Now you’ll notice that the head joint has a lip plate where the air is blown across and not into like a recorder. In fact, this is what makes the flute and actual flute. The air is blown across the lip plate and some of the air is captured at split across the outer edge. This is what creates the tone. Notice that there are no keys or buttons to press on the head joint up here. It’s just a hole.

The body of the flute is basically where the meat of everything is, it’s where all our fingers go. Look at all that mechanism. There are rods, springs, keys, levers, and other buttons that I’ll definitely show you how to use in the lessons here at Learn Flute Online. So you can also become an expert yourself. Now both of your hands are placed on this middle body of the flute except for your right hand pinky and it’s reserved for the foot joint which is much much smaller and has less keys on it.

Now there are reasons all of these pieces are separate and we’ll get into all of that another day not here in this video where we are just kind of pointing out what kind of flute we are actually talking about.

This flute is oftentimes called the classical flute, or the transverse flute. Which means it is held to the side. It is also called a concert flute and occasionally you may hear it called the modern flute as well.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about more of the specifics you’ll want to be looking for.

Have you ever wondered what a B-foot is? An in-line or an offset G? Check out your options in other upcoming videos so that you can continue learning.

If you are ready to join us in the members area at any time, where the sequential learning is and all the videos, and PDF’s, and MP3 accompaniments and everything. Now is always a great time!

Don’t delay what you could be learning today.

I will see you in the next video,

Thanks for being here 🙂


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