Online Flute Lessons from Rebecca Fuller Rebecca Fuller

Can you really learn how to play the flute with my online flute lessons?

The answer is sure!  Yes, and Yes.

I am a good-hearted music teacher who wants to share my love of music with the world. I know enough about technology to learn how to get it online in an organized and pleasing manner.
While looking at my
online flute lessons, look for the following components:

1. Free Trial period is long enough that you get a real sense of what the lessons are like.

2. I will not ask you to purchase anything during my free lessons. It is possible as you advance that I will recommend resources if they are copyrighted and I cannot provide them myself.

3. If you are looking for extra help I do also offer private one-on-one coaching via skype. Just email me to inquire more about this.

4. The material presented in an organized way so that you won’t be confused or tripped up on the order of learning.

Online learning is getting more and more popular with the accessibility of computers in homes and schools.

There are two important components to playing the flute as a beginner that need to be addressed fully when learning without a physical teacher present. They are tone production and handling the instrument.

Tone production is the way sound is produced on the instrument. On the flute it is not as easy as pushing a button as on the piano. Tone is produced by blowing across the tone-hole at the correct angle.

Handling of the instrument is tricky at first. The flute can feel slippery and awkward. Learning how to properly hold the instrument can make the difference between success in learning to play and quitting early simply because it is easy to give up when it feels too hard.

Learning from me means that I will not be physically present to reach out and touch you and your flute to get it properly placed. I convey my message to you in several different ways so that you can fully understand the skill that is being presented. I also repeat skill training frequently so you can hone your skills until they are habitual and easy.

Learning to read the music and play by ear are two more skills that I address when learning to play the flute. Both will make your practice and hard work worth it when you are able to pick your beautiful instrument up and play a tune for pure enjoyment and entertainment.

See you at your lesson!

🙂 -Rebecca

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