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Offset / Inline / B foot etc. (?)

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Well Hi, I’m Rebecca Fuller, here again teaching you even more about choosing a flute and all of the different aspects that you might run across and the questions that you might have to help you to eliminate any frustration or anything that you might be wondering about. I’m here to answer all your questions.

In this video I’m going to give you an overview of the different options that you will find when searching for a new flute. 

For example, if you walked into a store, an instrument store, and asked them for a new flute they might start asking you questions like: would you like a student model flute? Would you like an in-line G or an offset G? Do you need a B-foot? Or a Split E mechanism?

You might be worried all of a sudden and might not know what they are talking about. Well, those are also the options that you might find if you are shopping online and so what I’m going to do in this video is just give you a little list of things that you would see that you might be wondering about. Then in the next videos I’m going to take each one of those one at a time and give you a good, quick description to help you. You’ll be really smart actually.

This is all of the stuff the wish that I would have known. I never would have known this a lot  of years ago when I was just doing my very best. 

Lucky for you, you’ve got me and I will help you along here choosing a flute. Then as you are learning how to play, hopefully you’ll come back here and join the lessons and join the membership area because you will like it, I know you will. 

If I could convince you for sure. Those of you who are already in the membership area know what I’m talking about and to you also thanks for being here. Thanks to everybody for asking me these questions. I asked you, you answered, and here are my responses.

Okay so first of all, I have a little list here “Options on a flute when you are searching”. First question you might be asked is do you need an open-hole or a closed hole flute. Also the next would be in-line or offset G? The next is B foot or C foot? Another one would be split E mechanism, or an E, high E facilitator. Then another question you might be wondering about is what it’s made out of- different metals. 

Those are the questions and the things you will find when you are doing you’re little bit of research in finding a new flute.

In these next few videos just stick with me here and you will get all of the answers. I will see you in the next video. Let’s get started with those.

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