The Gizmo Key

What is it?

Do you need one?

Video Transcript:

Well hi again, and welcome. I’m Rebecca Fuller here at Learn Flute Online, where in this video we are going to be discussing a little bit more about some features of the flute and questions, answering questions that people ask me all the time. In fact, weekly, daily, about when they are choose a flute, what some of the options and features mean.

Well today we are going to be talking in this video about something called the gizmo key. Now if your flute does not have a gizmo key on it do not worry, you don’t need one. But, when you are going to choose a flute and you’re looking at the options, especially if you’re looking on line and you see all of these different options that it’s asking you what you would like, what you’d prefer and you don’t know what you prefer, then some of this knowledge will be helpful.

Just look at this picture of these two foot joints that I have right here and I’d like you to notice, first of all, that one of the foot joints is shorter than the other. In the last video, if you’re watching these in order, I may change the order I’m not sure. But, we just discussed the B foot and the C foot. Well these two flutes are different, one is a C foot and one is a B foot. The B foot joint has a gizmo key on it.

This gizmo key, a little arrow to it there, is actually the little button that you’re going to press to make just the last key on the flute go down. It makes sense, right? If you look at your foot joint on any flute whether it’s a C foot or a B foot, there are separate pinky keys that you push to make these keys go down, right?

They have to go down one at a time depending on what note we want. And so if we have one more key over here, somebody had to invent a way to just close that one because there are certain notes, for example the fourth octave C way up there, that won’t quite be in tune because of the long foot joint and so that last key needs to be closed in order to keep it in tune. So we have to reach over with our pinky and we have to put it on the gizmo key.

I’m pretty sure it’s called a gizmo key everywhere. I didn’t do any research to find out who named it, but I think it’s a great name. Gizmo is kind of a fun word. That’s the difference and what you need to know about the gizmo key is that it’s just there to close the B key on the B foot joint. You don’t need one. If you have a B foot, you’ll have one and that’s it.

So hopefully you have time to come into the lessons and learn some more here at Learn Flute Online.  I have a great Bonus section. If you look up in the menu bar, you’ll see the bonus section if you’re at the home page at then you’ll see some free resources for you as well as some options for joining the membership site which we would love you to come join us.

We have so many great flute learners here and I have enormous amounts of information for you all set in sequential order for you to learn from. It’s great and I’m glad you’re here.

I share your excitement and enthusiasm for learning how to play the flute. We’ll see you in the next video where we’ll learn even more.

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