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Ah, you’re ready for a shiny new flute?

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Hey there, I’m Rebecca Fuller again here to teach you even more about learning how to choose a flute. Now many of you are so great to write into me and ask me questions about.. Well, basically the question I get is, “Hi Rebecca, can you help me choose a flute?” and I love that question but I also freeze a little bit when I go to answer it because there are a few things we have to consider. So let’s talk about those now.

I’m going to put this into video form so I don’t have to type it out so much anymore. Sometimes I answer the same questions over and over and over every day. So I’ve decided to make this series to help you all learn how to choose a flute. Because of course if you have a flute then you can learn how to play it and you can enjoy it and it’s really fun and I can’t wait to help you with that.

Okay so the first thing I think in my mind when I see somebody ask me “help me choose a flute”,  my first thought is, where in the world are you located? Because there are different brands and models that are available in different countries, it’s true. But, I always say well, with how technology and the world is now and companies like FedEx or whatever, it’s possible to get almost any brand, almost anywhere in the world if you get creative enough, right?

But I also understand that it’s also not really possible in certain areas to get certain brands. So, it’s really hard for me to just give a blanket answer on which exact flute to get. Number one reason is because I’m not sure where you’re located and what is easily available to you.

Okay, but that being said, there is so much information on the how to choose a flute page, that I know that if you can just get educated you can find the right thing.

Okay, the second thing I always think of when I see somebody ask me if I could help them choose a flute, the second question I always have is, “Well, do you have a budget to work with?”  I’m assuming they’re asking me that, otherwise if somebody had gifted them a flute then they would just play what they got, right? Possibly. So I need to know a little bit about the budget.

Some people are looking for the lowest possible amount of money that they could still get a good flute. And some people it’s the sky’s the limit. They just want a really good flute. Anyway that’s my second question.

First question is where are you? Second question, what kind of budget are we talking about here? The third question is level of flute. Maybe the flute player? Are you asking me as a brand new player and that you’re looking for a student model flute? Or have you already been playing flute for maybe 15 years and you’re ready to step up to the next level?

It just depends. And so, that’s another question I have. Then judging on those things I start into educating the person via email which is a little bit difficult for me to just type out all these answers exactly every time. I have to do a little educating first so that the person asking me can understand what they’re looking for. Then I know how to point them to the right flute.

So, by watching this series, the video series, on the how to choose a flute page you learn and these people who are asking me these questions will be happy and excited. Including you, because you’ve come here to learn also.

So, I usually give a little list of what I enjoy the most in my studio. Now, everybody and every teacher has a different idea. I try to steer people away from the very very lowest level of flutes or flutes that were made so long ago that the new advances in technology were not invented yet because the new flues definitely are better. I have a whole video on explaining a little bit more about that. So that’s something also that I try to talk to them about and so try to think of any other things that you may need to know when you ask how to choose a flute. Those are the questions that I’m always asking in my mind.

I have to ask questions back in order to direct them. Now if you’re going with something online and you’re searching for a flute that you can purchase online, you definitely need to go through this series and learn all of these options and what they mean. Just know that any flute in great condition is going to be a good flute for you to learn on.

So if you are a brand new learner and you’re wondering where to find a flute, as long as you can get your hands on one that is in great condition, you’re going to be able to learn just fine. You can upgrade after you get one and start moving on from there.

So many things to discuss. Well, there are a few more things that I would like to talk about in this series. So I will end this video now, but I invite you again to join us in the membership area so that you can learn even more. You can get a flute and you could start going through the modules. I have them numbered.

As you go through those I’m going to give you more tips and hints on how to play, how to sound good (that’s the best part about it) how to sound great, how to read good music, how to play by ear, and how to take care of your flute so that it will last forever for you.

Alright we’ll see you in the next video where we are going to discuss even more.

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