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"I struggled knowing how to have vibrato so I just didn't try.  Rebecca made this easy to understand.  This course gave me the ability to add vibrato into my playing right away.  I did what she said and now  I LOVE it and I'm still getting better.  I can't wait to show my friends!  They're going to wonder how I figured this out."  -Kenzie C. , 15 yrs.  USA


"Hi Rebecca,
This is a great mini course. I go back from time to time when I feel the need. It has really made a difference. You made the Module on your birthday! Happy Birthday either early or late!
I look forward to the other mini courses." ~ Elaine, USA


"I’m so excited… I felt the vibrato! It took me three days. It’s hard to describe, but when it happens, you know it. The skills you taught us to produce vibrato I think will help tone also. I noticed that I can hold notes longer now, too. I’m so glad I took this mini course and I love your online flute lessons." ~Cyndi, USA


This flute vibrato course is available right now!

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Rebecca Fuller



Rebecca Fuller