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Description: In this video, I give a review of the Hallelu Flute. This flute is one of the lowest priced, high quality student model flutes I have found on the market. Listen to this video as I walk you through the different qualities this flute has and why I think it is such a great flute. For those of you with a low-price range this flute is perfect.


Well hey everybody! It’s me, Rebecca Fuller from LearnFluteOnline.com and I’m excited today. We have a flute review that we are going to be doing. Now here at Learn Flute Online, we learn how to play the flute and we do it all online. So thanks for being here. This flute review here is going to be kind of exciting because I’ve been researching for years now to find the lowest price, student model flute with the highest quality of tone and workmanship that I could find. So, up to date, this could be it. Stay tuned, let’s get going with this review.

Well, great, let’s get going with the unboxing of this Hallelu flute. I believe when the maker sent it to me he said that he didn’t have any silver ones on hand right then, so this is actually the lowest price flute. I’m going to put a link to this in the description so that you can make sure that you can get right to this same flute. This one is nickel plated and I haven’t opened it yet, so I’m excited. I’m hoping it’s everything I dreamed of and more.

Alright so I’ll just put the box away here. This flute came very quickly, the maker is actually very easy to work with. He doesn’t speak a lot of English, but you don’t have to know that when you go online to order, right? I’ll just take this out. It’s nicely packaged.

This is the Hallelu. It says Los Angeles, but I happen to know that this flute is manufactured in China. The maker is actually a Chinese man and he lives in California so that’s really cool because he can really talk to the factories and make sure that this has been done right. I really enjoyed listening to this flute, I had a student in my studio play on this brand of flute for two plus years with no issues so that was one thing that impressed me. That’s why I thought, “You know, I’m going to do a review on this brand new one sent to me.” Let’s hope that it comes in great condition and that it’s ready to review here.

Now the first thing I am going to do is examine the case. You should do this also when you get a new flute in the mail. One thing that I really really like about this case is that it’s zippered! Oh man! That is so so important. Those cases with the buckles, they’re terrible. I don’t know if any of you have heard my story about when I was running to the bus when I was a younger kid and the buckles on my flute came open and my whole flute went flying out and bounced around on the ice and everything was ruined. Oh it was just terrible. I’ve never been a fan of the flute cases with buckles. Zippers are the way.

Now not only does this have zippers, but we have velcro. Wow, so it’s really well put together. We also have an outer pocket with a zipper and let’s see what goodies we have in here. Oh I love it! We have a nice microfiber cloth that comes with it for cleaning.

That cloth will especially be important for the outside of the flute. Oh that is nice. What else is in here? A little flute guide. A little fingering chart and some other little things to help you to work on it. Now we know that these kinds of guides are important, but never complete, right?

So that’s why you have me, we’ll work on this. Okay I’ll put this to the side, and there’s one more thing in here. Oh I’m glad about this. This is a plastic tuning rod or cleaning rod. We call it either one because it has a dual purpose, right? This end is used for tuning and this end is used for cleaning. I don’t know if you knew that, but it’s alright. Come to Learn Flute Online and learn. I will get you all set up and will teach you basically (well not basically) I WILL teach you everything you need to know to learn how to play the flute really well. To be confident and sound great. Alright, let’s close that and get right to it. I’m excited to open this flute.

Now I’m going to remember to open this flute, since the words are inscribed on the top here, I’m assuming that this is not going to be upside down when I open it. Let me just take a peek, you should always take a peek first, right? Because you don’t want your flute to fall out. Yep this is correct.

Look how beautiful! Look at this here. This flute is all wrapped up and even has a little silica gel to keep oxygen from harming the flute. Wow, this is very very pretty. What I’m going to do first of all is take each piece, I noticed all three pieces are here, and I’m going to unwrap them from the package because that will let me then put it back in the case. The reason I’m doing that is because I want to find out if the flute actually fits well in the case.

Now the reason I’m checking for that is because cases that are made generically for flutes, the flute pieces and parts don’t fit nice and tight and snug in the case and then they tend to bounce around when the flute case is moved and that harms your mechanism. Hurt’s the flute and then suddenly you’re going to have problems, be out of tune, all sorts of things. So I notice first of all that this is a little bit of a different color from the silver ones.

It’s not too different, just slightly not as white or bright. But that’s because this one is not silver or even silver plated. So I’m going to put that back in there. It feels pretty snug. Tiny bit of wiggle, but not really too much. Next thing we’ll do is the foot joint here.

Alrighty, foot joint looks good. I’m going to push the buttons, look inside and make sure there are no scratches. Can you see inside there, it’s nice and clean. Everything looks good, it does have all the right buttons, the lower bar is okay, there is a pad on this back part. Alright so far so good. We put this right back in here, the right direction. A lot of student’s get that mixed up. Now let’s go for the middle piece.

Here’s the middle piece here, look at this. This is just has the regular student keys and let’s see if it’s nice and shiny inside, it is. That’s good, we never want to see any scratches or rough looking spots or dents. But it’s a new flute, it should never have a dent.

Okay the next thing I’m going to be checking is to find out if the keys are matching up with the holes underneath. Now the reason I do this is because I have had internet ordered flutes arrive to various places before and the mechanism, the keys haven’t even been put on properly, they’ve been crooked or misaligned. They’re not even over the hole and it’s always really really surprised me when that happens because I’ve always wondered who let that flute out of the factory looking like that. So far, I’m going to take a really close look here. I’m going to let you look as well.

What we want is for these keys to match up in the holes so if I push the buttons, and I shouldn’t have to push very hard, and relax my finger and it should come right up. But they should match right on the top of every single hole. We always want to make sure that, let me just check over, we want to make sure that they are nice and centered and that there is nothing wrong with any of the pads.

Okay, let’s put this back in the case here and just find out if it fits carefully. So if I try to shift the flute pieces they’re not really shifting. I think the headjoint is the loosest and that’s because I noticed that I have to turn it the other direction to fit inside the little hole and then it fits nice and tight. So this is exciting, I can’t wait to play this. Now that we’ve checked that, the next thing we’re going to do it check the tendons. And what that means is that when I put it together, I’m going to find out how it fits.

So the tendons are the parts that fit together. So being careful not to grab onto the keys, I’m going to take this and I’m going to twist. Oh good, that feels alright, that feels pretty good. Now I’m going to put the foot joint on, this is the one you always have to be so so careful with. You never want to crossthread this. This feels a little different, so I’m going to be very careful.

Okay, that was, I had to be very careful. I’m putting all my pressure on this end piece here, the end part, instead of grabbing onto the keys. It’s really important that we do that. So I’m excited about this now that it’s all put together and everything is looking okay. I bet you are just dying to hear this, I know I am. So first thing I’m going to do, I guess I should turn this around so you can see what type of flute this is. I’m just going to see if it can make one good tone.

I’m going to align this carefully for myself and just see. Let’s just play a B. Hmm, not bad. I kind of have a little bit of a lip chap, I need to swallow. So as I play I notice that I’m not really even warmed up for the day so I feel not warmed up myself. So I need to kind of get my lips ready. Hey this is making me smile. This is a student model flute that is in the lowest price range ever, so this is really really exciting.

That sounded really good. I’m going to go chromatically now from the bottom, let’s go all the way to the top and find out if it can do it. Nice, low. We’re getting up there now. Two more. And I’m trying not to blast you out, one more. Hey hey every single note came out nice and clear. Well I’m kind of proud of this flute. Are you? I kind of like that, it’s alright.

What about a quick one? I always like to try out something quick because I want to find out if the keys will bounce up quickly for me. Because if the keys feel slow and stiff then it’s really hard to play anything fast and that’s frustrating. Hey that plays really quick. Hmm it makes me just want to play around with it. Everything so far sounds really good. Let me try a few finger changes.

I’m going to do a D to an F, that’s always sort of strange. D to F sharp. Pretty nice! How about that high E? You know the high E is probably one of the ickiest notes on the flute besides the high F sharp. That popped out really easily.

Hey not too bad. I’m actually quite impressed so far. Let’s see, let me do something kind of slow and then we’ll go over the, maybe the overall for this Hallelu flute and I’m actually feeling kind of impressed. Ya I like that, I’m trying my fades now. Let me try another one. I want to work on that note a little bit. So it doesn’t have as much bite as I’m used to in a more advanced flute, but that’s totally to be expected.

First of all, this is a student model flute and second of all it’s not even silver, it’s not even silver plated. So I would say, I would give this flute a really high rating. I haven’t come up with any sort of flute rating system yet, because this is one of the first review that I’m doing here for this channel and this website and I’m excited. Well I would say overall that this is a really nice playing flute.

If I warm up myself a little bit more I think I can do even better with it and just getting used to the ins and outs of the flute. But it does have a nice big tone hole. Let me see if I get this to focus. There we go, this is a nice shaped tone hole. It’s kind of one of those that is more free blowing and allows you to have a nice, big tone as a beginner flute player if you are getting the proper instruction and playing with a natural embouchure.

Well, again, I’m excited for this. I think overall this is a very very good flute. As far as how long it will hold up, I told you I have actually experimented with this brand before and had a student play on one of these for at least a couple of year with not problems whatsoever. She did take care of it every single day. It was cleaned and put away in the case every single day. And that is one thing that will help keep these flutes in good condition.

So with that, I think we’ll just remember that this, so far, is the lowest price flute that I have found with the highest tone quality. This makes me want to play. Mmm nice! Wow, that has really nice control. Okay I’m going to play around with this even more.

So I hesitate just a little bit to say the price on this video, because it could change, who knows. But I’m going to put the link here and put the description and the cost of what it would have been when I just received it now in the description here.

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Again, I’m Rebecca Fuller. Thanks for being here for this flute review.

We’ll see you next time. Bye.

-Rebecca Fuller

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