Hallelu Flute Review

One of the lowest dollar, best sounding flutes I have found.. (so far)

In this video, I give a review of the Hallelu Flute. 

This flute is one of the lowest priced, nice quality student model flutes I have found on the market. (ever)

Listen to this video as I walk you through the different qualities this flute has and why I think it is such a great flute. For those of you with a smaller budget this flute is perfect.

This is definitely kind of exciting because I’ve been testing and researching for years now to find the lowest price, student model flute with the highest quality of tone and workmanship that I could find.

Introducing: … drumroll… the Hallelu Flute !

Hallelu Flute Review by Rebecca Fuller

In this video I unpack a brand new flute that was mailed to me. An interesting note here is that one of my students right here in my studio (where I’ve been able to poke, prod, and listen) had this exact flute for 4 years with NO problems whatsoever. It’s still going strong to this day by-the-way. 

Of course, every flute that comes in mint condition and is taken care of properly should do a decent job.. as long as it is designed and manufactured well. This one happens to have caught my eye after several of you good online flute-friends pointed me to it. Thanks for that!

Hallelu Flute (Nickel): http://amzn.to/2BAuErV

I go through pretty much every little detail I can think of in this flute review. I start with the case and the barrel explaining as I go what I’m looking for and why. Then you get to hear me play the flute. I think you’ll be pretty surprised at the full tone this little flute can get.

When testing a new flute, it’s a good idea to have a set of details in mind that you can look at. It’ll really help you make a quick decision as to whether the flute is for you or not. 

When purchasing a flute online, I understand that it can be scary- especially when you don’t know if there’s anything worth buying in your price-range. That’s totally understandable and fine. I’ve taken some time here for you and made up a video of what I would do when unboxing a brand new student flute.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive flute to learn on, this could be your baby. 

I have seen and touched many-a-flute that arrives with problems right from the factory. Not this one (that I’ve heard of).

Check out the full transcript of this video if you want to read along. It can help especially those of you who need to read english alongside the video. Feel free to watch a couple of times.

Let me know what kinds of things you are interested in learning about while testing a new flute. I’ll probably do another sometime this year.

-Rebecca Fuller

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2 thoughts on “Hallelu Flute Review”

  1. I searched Duck Duck go for Hallelu flutes website, but couldn’t find one.

    Do you have it, please.

    Thanks so much for giving us so much great content!

    Take care and check these websites.

    1. Hi Malka, I wonder if the owner of the Hallelu flutes is having issues with shipping and parts (like many companies right now)? Watch for it later – I hope it becomes available again. It’s a pretty good flute for the pricing. Rebecca

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