Total Time: 34 Minutes 54 Seconds

“Guten Tag, Fellow Flutists!

My hope is that you’ll watch all 4 of these videos and know EXACTLY what to do in a short time.

The modules 56, 57, 58, 59 etc. are all connected.  So, stay in order here- it’s for your success.



[headline style=”1″ font_size=”24″ font_font=”Arial” font_style=”bold” align=”center” headline_tag=”h2″]1. Dancing In The Middle of Germany 1 10:40

[/headline] [video_lightbox type=”embed” style=”1″ width=”640″ height=”360″ placeholder=”https://learnfluteonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/01-flute-button2-300×200.jpg” placeholder_width=”300″ placeholder_height=”200″ align=”center”]PGlmcmFtZSBzcmM9Imh0dHBzOi8vcGxheWVyLnZpbWVvLmNvbS92aWRlby8xMTk0OTQzMjciIHdpZHRoPSI2NDAiIGhlaWdodD0iMzYwIiBmcmFtZWJvcmRlcj0iMCIgd2Via2l0YWxsb3dmdWxsc2NyZWVuPSIiIG1vemFsbG93ZnVsbHNjcmVlbj0iIiBhbGxvd2Z1bGxzY3JlZW49IiI+PC9pZnJhbWU+Cg==[/video_lightbox]




[headline style=”1″ font_size=”24″ font_font=”Arial” font_style=”bold” align=”center” headline_tag=”h2″]2. Dancing In The Middle of Germany 2 8:19

[/headline] [video_lightbox type=”embed” style=”1″ width=”640″ height=”360″ placeholder=”https://learnfluteonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/02-flute-button-300×200.jpg” placeholder_width=”300″ placeholder_height=”200″ align=”center”]PGlmcmFtZSBzcmM9Imh0dHBzOi8vcGxheWVyLnZpbWVvLmNvbS92aWRlby8xMTk0OTQzMjkiIHdpZHRoPSI2NDAiIGhlaWdodD0iMzYwIiBmcmFtZWJvcmRlcj0iMCIgd2Via2l0YWxsb3dmdWxsc2NyZWVuPSIiIG1vemFsbG93ZnVsbHNjcmVlbj0iIiBhbGxvd2Z1bGxzY3JlZW49IiI+PC9pZnJhbWU+Cg==[/video_lightbox]




[headline style=”1″ font_size=”24″ font_font=”Arial” font_style=”bold” align=”center” headline_tag=”h2″]3. Dancing In The Middle of Germany 3 9:31

[/headline] [video_lightbox type=”embed” style=”1″ width=”640″ height=”360″ placeholder=”https://learnfluteonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/03-flute-button-300×200.jpg” placeholder_width=”300″ placeholder_height=”200″ align=”center”]PGlmcmFtZSBzcmM9Imh0dHBzOi8vcGxheWVyLnZpbWVvLmNvbS92aWRlby8xMTk0OTQzMjgiIHdpZHRoPSI2NDAiIGhlaWdodD0iMzYwIiBmcmFtZWJvcmRlcj0iMCIgd2Via2l0YWxsb3dmdWxsc2NyZWVuPSIiIG1vemFsbG93ZnVsbHNjcmVlbj0iIiBhbGxvd2Z1bGxzY3JlZW49IiI+PC9pZnJhbWU+Cg==[/video_lightbox]




[headline style=”1″ font_size=”24″ font_font=”Arial” font_style=”bold” align=”center” headline_tag=”h2″]4. 100 times Spot! 6:24

[/headline] [video_lightbox type=”embed” style=”1″ width=”640″ height=”360″ placeholder=”https://learnfluteonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/04-flute-button-300×200.jpg” placeholder_width=”300″ placeholder_height=”200″ align=”center”]PGlmcmFtZSBzcmM9Imh0dHBzOi8vcGxheWVyLnZpbWVvLmNvbS92aWRlby8xMTk0OTQzMzAiIHdpZHRoPSI2NDAiIGhlaWdodD0iMzYwIiBmcmFtZWJvcmRlcj0iMCIgd2Via2l0YWxsb3dmdWxsc2NyZWVuPSIiIG1vemFsbG93ZnVsbHNjcmVlbj0iIiBhbGxvd2Z1bGxzY3JlZW49IiI+PC9pZnJhbWU+Cg==[/video_lightbox]


[file_download style=”2″][download title=”Dancing%20in%20the%20Middle%20of%20Germany%20Sheet%20Music” icon=”style3-audio_2_64x64.png” file=”https://learnfluteonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/57Dancing_in_the_Middle_of_Germany.pdf” package=”” level=”” new_window=”Y”][/download][download title=”100%20Times%20Spot” icon=”style3-audio_2_64x64.png” file=”https://learnfluteonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Module_57_100_Times_Spot-1.pdf” package=”” level=”” new_window=”Y”][/download][download title=”Dancing%20in%20the%20Middle%20of%20Germany%20Accompaniment” icon=”style2-thumb-dl-audio.png” file=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/rebeccafuller/57DancingInTheMiddleofGermany.mp3″ package=”” level=”” new_window=”Y”][/download][download title=”57%20Progress%20Notes” icon=”style2-thumb-dl-pdf.png” file=”https://learnfluteonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/LFO-Progress-Chart-Module-57-1.pdf” package=”” level=”” new_window=”Y”][/download][/file_download]


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Rebecca Fuller




P.S. Wondering what you think of the leiderhosen pants??

Flute Lesson Module 57

     Flute Lesson Module 57


Have any questions? Comment below and I will help you out.

Rebecca FullerRebecca Fuller
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33 thoughts on “Flute Lesson Module 57”

  1. Hi Shir, you’ve been practicing so well. I like this one. You probably want to push your head joint in a bit so help the pitch. This piece will set you up for the next one. It’s fun! ~Rebecca

  2. Angela Glover

    https://youtu.be/SutmEOqKsNM I really like this and can’t wait till I master the whole song. It’s always harder to be in sync with the music than just playing the song. I can’t believe I am so close to the end of these lessons. Do you really think I’ll be ready for the intermediate? I am thinking about being there around the beginning of May. They sound so hard and scary and can’t imagine playing at a more advanced level. Thanks for all the feedback.

  3. (reposted from module 58) Hi Anne, I realllllly like that you posted this video. You’re doing SOOO well! I love the attention to detail you’ve taken here. You can definitely be proud. Keep it up! I’ll see you in the Intermediate level! Rebecca

  4. Hi Cyndi,
    I’m not sure how long ago you wrote this, but I’m here to give you my suggestion for cleaning the head joint. I stuff my cloth into the head joint, then push it in with the cleaning rod. Next, I just twist away until the head joint is all clean.


  5. Your right Brian, this is one of your strongest videos. Congratulations! Your tone is really strong, and you are really sounding great. I see nothing to worry about here. You’ve done a great job. 🙂 Rebecca

  6. Hi, Rebecca. I learned many things on this song. I’ve started to gather air (or tunnel air towards my aperture) much higher in my mouth than I had been doing. The result, to me, was quite stunning. My tone is stronger, much richer, and my attacks of notes (especially at the beginning of phrases) is much sharper. I hope you will see these things in my video. I know I always say this, but THIS is my strongest video so far!

    Dancing in the Middle of Germany: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ES_Uz3jIq_U

    All the Best,


  7. Naphtalie Munozvilla

    See? There I go again! With all the corrections! I meant 52and55 probably bonus eh? Don’t know don’t care


  8. Naphtalie Munozvilla

    Don’t worry Cyndi cook I have made a lot of mistakes too.
    Just take a look at my comments in module two and five silly me!

    And this is for all students here and to come. Salutations all!

    Sincerely naphtalie

  9. Naphtalie Munozvilla

    In the bonus module of 55 I kept writing but,but,but arg! I have no idea how I did not notice the b!
    Dancing in the middle of Germany sounds weird, but it is actually well.. Fun! Haha
    I hope to see you in the next modules rebecca bye

  10. Hi Cyndi, it’s true that there are always a few droplets on the end-cap .. it happens to all of us. I haven’t been able to get it all out,.. so I think you’re okay just doing your best. Thanks for taking care of your instrument so well. It’ll love you back! ~Rebecca

  11. Hi Elaine,
    I use the string method to clean the center and foot parts of my flute, but the head joint is a problem. Saliva collects in the end and the cloth can’t be pulled through. Any suggestions?

  12. RebeccaFuller

    This is a really great question, Antonio. You will come across different time signatures for the rest of your life. It really is just the preference of the composer.

  13. I have a question:
    Instead of using 1/4 notes in time 3/4 or 1/8 notes in time 3/8; why we use one time or another? if apparently are the same.

  14. RebeccaFuller

    It’s fun to play outside, isn’t it? Sometimes the birds come… sometimes they fly away haha. It always makes you re-evaluate your tone when you play outside. You can really hear inside every little crack of it. 🙂 Rebecca

  15. I am so happy to be back playing again and not feeling rushed. I can tell this song is so fun, I never did figure out how to send you a video. Elaine is really good at the video making. Today I practiced outside on my screened porch – such a treat.

  16. Hey Claire, did you get the videos to play? Sometimes you have to use a different browser – I’m not sure why but it happens. I’ve found that internet explorer is the worst one to use for watching my videos. Try Chrome or Firefox, they seem to never have problems. For anyone who has this issue I usually tell them to go through these trouble shooting steps: refresh browser, change browsers, restart computer. It seems to always work. 🙂

  17. Hi Rebecca, the video tutorial doesn’t come up on my screen when I click on the “1” “2” “3” or “4” image. Would you be able to help me out?

  18. Thanks Rebecca. I like that you share things you like. I really like this silk cloth and will only use them form now on! Keep up the great job. You teach us so much!

  19. Ah Elaine – what a great question! You’re wondering what to do with one of these? http://amzn.to/1gXrEaN
    You drop the string down through the barrel and then just pullllllll the cloth through. It’s lickety-split and does a great job.
    The stick and cloth method works also, but this is much faster and sometimes the sticks can scratch the flutes if it’s not done carefully. Glad you like it.

  20. Hi Rebecca,
    I bought a few of your favorite silk cleaning cloths. Thanks for the suggestion. They work great. The only question I have is what is the purpose of the string? I am not sure what I am supposed to do with the string?
    Thank you,

  21. I do love to see your progress (everyone). I have received emails from many of you stating that it’s just more a matter of figuring out how to get it online. If you have a smartphone/ipad, computer with webcam, and/or a techie person in your life you can figure it out pretty fast with just a few questions. I did a tutorial in one of the modules showing you how to use YouTube and upload your video so that it would stay private for our group (anyone with the link). Can’t remember where that is right now, but it sounds like it needs to be its own module. I should note that I also am working out a way to post audio from my speakpipe account here. … it’s on the to-do list. 🙂 Keep learning, whether you post updates or not it’s okay. It’s totally optional.

  22. Hi,
    How is everyone doing with this Module? I love it but it is fast! I finally can get through the song at it’s pace but now I need to really fine tune it. I am going to start videotaping myself when I first learn a song and when I really have it down great. Will be fun to watch the difference. Is anyone going to be posting videos anytime soon? It will be fun to watch all of us as we start transitioning from beginner to the intermediate level in the near future. I posted my videos to encourage others to do the same! I am not as good as Jim or Amy but that is okay. I will get there one day! We are still beginners so don’t be shy! Let’s have fun!

  23. Ha! Now I’m picturing you with your neck brace and your leiderhosen as well. Yeah for fun stuff!

  24. To get into the German groove I played with my leiderhosen pants on! Hahaha! I love this Module and look forward to playing it well. I will post a video when that time comes.
    Thanks for being such a fun teacher,

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