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Course descriptions:

Silver Level Beginner Flute Lessons

The Silver Level Flute Lessons are the very, very beginning of learning how to play the flute. This course will take you all the way from zero to hero.. or at least to a basic folk tune. You will learn how to play with the proper flute technique that will feel easy and fun!

These learning videos are set in a step-by-step manner so you will gain these skills very quickly and feel good about the way you sound too.

  • Modules: 5
  • Flute Lesson Videos: 35
  • Bonus Modules: 1


Gold Level Basic Comprehensive Flute Lessons

The Gold Level Flute Lessons (membership required) are the meat of the flute-learning program. With these skills, you will be able to learn how to play the flute very well and read the sheet music also.

These lessons start at the beginning, and move stepwise through the folk tunes, minuet level, trills, scales, world and novelty music. This level ends with a rousing German piece by Mozart using three octaves of the flute and mildly intricate music.

  • Modules: 60
  • Flute Lesson Videos: 300+
  • mp3 accompaniments
  • pdf sheet music for every tune
  • Bonus Modules: 12
  • Bonus Videos: 48

Intermediate Level Flute Lessons

The Intermediate Level Flute Lessons (membership required) are the perfect extension to your studies. Once you are already able to read and play sheet music on your own, play up to the third octave G, and have a few major scales in your repertoire, then you are ready to move into this level. This is 'true intermediate' and begins seamlessly at the end of the Gold Level.

We begin with a Lully Gavotte (including some double grace notes) and end with a very fast double tongued piece that uses the range of your flute.. This level is much more rigorous, but still taught in a step-by-step fashion to keep it manageable and fun.

  • Modules: 60
  • Flute Lesson Videos: 400+
  • mp3 accompaniments
  • pdf sheet music for every tune
  • Bonus Modules: 8
  • Bonus Videos: 36


Flute Mini-Courses

The Flute Mini-Courses awesome extended flute lesson content for every learner who is past the first weeks/months (depending) of playing the flute.

These flute lesson courses are an extension of the membership levels here, and not part of 'Silver, Gold, or Intermediate' memberships on LearnFluteOnline.com.

These courses are 'theme'-based, and will take your technique and enjoyment to a whole new level with the following subjects (and are being added to yearly):

  • Irish Flute and Whistle Music
  • Religious Hymns
  • Vibrato
  • Reading Music (theory only)
  • First Chair Band


The lessons here at Learn Flute Online are basically a one-stop-shop for you.

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Rebecca Fuller